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1. Can you think of a type of person who might make you uncomfortable if one sat next to you during a church service?


Nothing other than problems with physical body odor or perfumes or excessive smoking odors (I have lung problems, so "fumes" like that would make me fairly uncomfortable).


2. What would you be willing to change in your church if it meant making more people feel welcomed or comfortable? Music? Order of worship? Style or time of worship? Number of services?


I'm a musician, so I have to whole-heartedly jump on the "Music" suggestion.


Well, with regard to most of the churches I've been in (which have primarily been Catholic and Anglican)... I really wish the Music would be done on a piano, not an organ -- and maybe add in some other instruments if we could ever find congregation members who can play instruments that is. Or even if the Organ sound can be turned to a piano sound.. the Organ music does not exactly make younger people fall in love with the Church I'm sorry to say. And I really think that is the kind of person we need to get more of into the church (especially our church.. not that I don't love the older folks).


I'm a musician, and even I find the Organ sound a bit grinding. I'd much rather hear a piano, preferably a real piano and not an electronic facsimile (unless it's an extremely good board.. that's the technical musician in me of course). There is one song I've heard where the Organ is turned to some kind of trumpet sound.. I physically cringe at that. Every musical fibre in my body wants to fight that sound...


Speaking of the music... I have to admit that I wish the music in general would be updated, even if that means re-writing a whole slew of modern music for churches that insist on working from a collective source of material (I attend an Anglican church if that helps you catch what I'm throwing). My husband and I often have a good laugh at the dates on some of the hymns in the book as they come up in Church. We have a running contest to find the oldest date, not by searching, but as the hymns come up in Church.


The reason we have a chuckle at the expense of the hymns is because we live in the 21st century and we are singing hymns from the 12th century with an Organ grinding them out in the background and the congregation doesn't even seem to know half the songs (my husband has turned to me on more than one occasion stating, "I don't think anyone knows this song!" and I have no choice but to agree...). It does not exactly make people want to jump up and worship the Lord, to be honest. I'm not sure why the Church thinks it does.


I think more inviting music that isn't quite so... old... and obnoxious (the Organ, not the person playing it) would help people feel more comfortable. If the values are cutting-edge and the sermons are progressive and inviting, and the music is old and drab (again, not a poor reflection on my church, these are the songs set out in the books afterall)... well it affects the overall experience.


3. What would you be unwilling to change?


My Pastor is retiring and it makes me sad... If they bring in a bible-literalist as a preacher, I'm leaving :P I'd never be able to have a single theological conversation with him because we'd always be at odds, it would be awful.


4. How long do you think people should attend your church before they can hold positions of responsibility?


I... don't know? I never thought about it. I think if a person is committed, that it shouldn't matter how long they are there for. If they have the time, the energy, the love for God, the commitment, the calling, the training or the skills... well why not then?



I find the starter questions for Point 4 to be a bit lacking in relation to the actual point, unlike the previous 3 sets of questions. Not quite sure I can put my finger on it.. they just don't fit very well, or perhaps they don't expand over the broad range of what Point 4 really sets out to state, for me at least. I realize they are just a guideline, but still. Something seems missing.

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