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Some Ideas To Carry Out The Eucharist


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I see Soma as having a very accurate concept of who we really are. What I hope to do is to provide a path that will lead you to the realization that Soma is correct and you will want to partake of the Eucharist to help everyone to understand that reality. When you eat and drink from the well of wisdom, your thirst and hunger must be satisfied. The thirst and hunger of most of the world’s population is definitely not satisfied, physically, wisdom wise and emotionally. To eliminate chaos, everyone’s physical, mental and spiritual hunger and thirst must be satisfied. When you carry out the Eucharist, you are working toward satisfying the hunger and thirst of everyone on earth!


How do we carry out the Eucharist? The answer is very simple. We study, learn, mix and teach using the principle of faith-wisdom and always remembering that I am god and that I am the all. Eat up and drink in all the books you can read. If you are blind, listen and learn brail and take in as much as you can. If you are deaf and blind, create a circuit of physical life where you do have hearing and sight. A balanced diet of consuming knowledge from books is just as important as a balanced diet of food.


Eat up and drink up the pleasure of associating with as many people with as many ethnic and racial backgrounds as you can, always remembering that they are a piece of god, from the worst criminal to the greatest king. Having a balanced circle of friends is just as important for your health as a balanced diet of healthy food.


Drink often from the well of harmony and chaos and do not drink form the tainted waters of good and evil. Projects that provide perpetual harmony are projects that benefit all mankind.


Eat up and drink in faith-wisdom. Faith and wisdom cannot be separated. Faith without wisdom is credulity and wisdom without faith is atheism. What is wisdom? Wisdom is practicing that which makes you communally faithful and communally beneficial. What community are we talking about? We are talking about the community of the whole world.


Everything is part of god’s realm and everything is divine. Divinity is a constant throughout the miracle of the universe. No one has any special dibs on divinity. Part of our divinity is our free will. This means that we have the propensity to screw up. For that reason, every act of adversity must be followed with forgiveness. Forgive again and again until you have reached seventy times seven times. After forgiveness is applied then all people who commit acts of adversity must be corrected. To do that, we need a standard against which we can measure correctness. We already have a standard and that standard is called the Ten Commandments. However, they were not originally interpreted by the ancient Egyptians as commandments. They were interpreted as commitments. Also, there are not ten, there are only nine.


I am Yahveh of the gods. In order for you to have come, for you to have come out of the land of the Copts, out of household slavery, you have to be like no other gods in my presence.


The reason why you see the phrase ‘for you to have come’ repeated is because the ancient Hebrews often repeated words and phrases for emphasis. This first “commandment” is not a commandment at all, but is describing Yahweh congratulating Moses for the wonderful job he did in bringing the people of Israel out of the land of the Copts. This is also my own interpretation of what it says from reading the Hebrew. However, I am prepared to argue my position with anyone who wishes to dispute my interpretation. The next nine are not translations of them but are my own interpretation of how I think the Ancient Egyptians originally interpreted them. Here they are in random order.


1) I don’t make for myself idols in the likeness of anything in the skies above or on the earth beneath or in the ethereal waters around. I don’t pay honour to them or worship them and serve them. The creation of any deity to be worshiped creates adversaries among those who reject Me; but showing love to those who love Me through My Guidelines brings harmony.

2) I don’t extol anyone’s reputation or valuable ideas to satisfy my own vanity.

3) I remember the resting day and set it aside every seventh day for rest and to remember who I AM.

4) I take seriously the concept of parenthood.

5) I don’t commit adultery.

6) I don’t murder.

7) I don’t steal.

8) I don’t communicate with deceptive testimony in my intentions toward my associates, neighbours, companions and friends.

9) I don’t covet.


We need to teach the commandments as commitments and work to changing our whole penal system to a correctional system that offers forgiveness, correction based on these guidelines and rehabilitation. Punishment is a concept derived from demented wisdom and needs to be eliminated.


The next step that Gnostic Christians would take in practicing the Eucharist is to recognize that there are two major problems getting in the way of harmony and world unity. They are Satan or ha Satan as it reads in the Tanakh and the ego – mostly the male ego, but sometimes the female ego. Ha Satan or the Adversary is everywhere we look on earth. It is in the Justice system because it is based on the prosecutor against the defendant. It is in the political system because political parties oppose each other. It is in nations because nations oppose each other for a piece of the material wealth of the world. It is in religions because religions set up idols to be worshiped thinking each has a better god than the other. We have the egos of national leaders opposing each other with war machines to support their egoist ideas. We have pro-choice against pro-lifers. There are unions against companies and white supremacists against the blacks and vice versa. There are Christians against Moslems against Jews against whatever. You cannot step outside without encountering ha Satan. Churches need to start teaching us how to rise above the concept of ha Satan through forgiveness, abolition of punishment and correction of those who offend. Always keep in mind that Satan is an it, not a he.


The Eucharist starts at the centre and each one of us is the centre. It starts with us changing our attitudes. Collectively we need to change the penal system to a system of forgiveness correcting offenders by feeding them with a balanced diet of spiritual food and food for the mind as well as keeping them fed physically. Offenders only need to be kept in jail if they are a danger to society or are unwilling to show up for counseling sessions. It is also incumbent upon society to care for the families of inmates as well as offenders victims, spiritually, mentally and physically. The Salvation Army has their heart in the right place by going into the jails and attempting to rehabilitate offenders, but their spiritual wisdom is warped in that they worship the idol Jesus. Getting our spiritual wisdom straight is very important before we begin the Eucharist.


Having soup kitchens for the physically poor is a good start, but we need spiritual kitchens and wisdom kitchens to feed the spiritual and mentally poor. (We also have to be very careful to get our own spiritualism and wisdom straight before we start this.) Right now, many churches feature idol worship rather than valuable spiritualism and wisdom. I, personally, do not have the market cornered on effective spiritualism and wisdom. It takes our collective efforts to do that. As I move through points 4 and 5 I will try to illustrate some points that I think are useful, but it takes our collective thoughts to cover all the bases.


There are ways of reaching out to despotic leaders and leaders who honour the concept of war. One way is the concept of praying for your enemies. You can target a specific leader such as Kim Jong Il by learning all about him from people who work under cover in North Korea. Summarize their findings in three or four lines and then point out the error of his ways in that he worships himself. As a self worshiper, he is keeping millions of people in bondage and creating misery for these millions of people. Prayer for him has the potential of releasing millions from bondage and poverty. This approach is much better than marching against him with demonstrations and fist waving. He will just laugh at you if you use that approach.


How do we conduct a prayer for a despotic leader? First of all, all churches have to unite together and come up with a script for the prayer. The prayer must not contain any attempt to sell any particular religion such as Christianity or Islam or Judaism except to say that I am god. Getting the churches together on this one would be a tough hurdle to climb in itself. The approach must be done in the spirit of love toward the target and not as an adversarial talk. Radio and television space needs to be rented in as many places as they are willing to sell it to the churches and the time for the prayer must set so that the prayer is recited at exactly the same time across a particular nation or around the world. It then would have to be repeated daily at that exact same time for about six months to a year or until it becomes apparent that he is getting the message. If he doesn’t get the message by then, then try someone else or give it up all together. Distribute as many copies of this prayer as you can to as many people as you can and encourage them to read it with the narrator as he reads the televised message. I am sure that any despotic leader will pay more attention to this approach than to organized demonstrations against him. Political arm bending doesn’t hurt either, but the prayer can set the stage for the political arm bending to be effective. Is world wide prayer for the despotic leaders, something that progressive Christianity can do? I don’t really know the answer to that one. They would have to decide if it is a good project to sponsor.


One thing for sure is that the true Eucharist is not passing bread and wine or grape juice around the church and eating and drinking. I have mentioned a few things that can be done to feed My sheep at the Eucharist, how about you? What are your thoughts? Do you think that Soma has the right idea about the nature of mankind? Is the Eucharist a message to use our collective intelligence to get off our asses and do something?



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