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  1. JosephM, you hit the nail on the head. By eating from the treed understanding of good and bad, (I call it by a different phrase than others who call it the tree of knowledeg of good and evil, or good and bad.) we find ourselves in a soup of chaotic complexity that can never be resolved. When Paul said that the sting of death is sin, he was talking about a spiritual death, not a physical death. Part of our spirits died when we began eating from the treed understanding of good and bad. To establish what is good and what is bad requires an arrogant mind because the concept of what is good
  2. McKenna; You make some good points. Actually I have another 100 or so pages that provide some ideas about a better way. I start by going back to the Hebrew to see if the translations of the Ten Commandments are accurate. Much to my surprise, I find that the accusations of the Gnostics over this many hundred of years are true. The interpretation of what the Hebrew actually says has been substantially distorted. Once I sorted out what I think that they actually say, I suggest that we use them as guidelines and commit ourselves to following them of our own free will, rather than be co
  3. …Do not establish laws, as the lawgiver did, so you will not be bound by them. - The Gospel of Mary The concept of the law which is proclaimed to have been introduced allegedly by god through Moses; has been regarded as the basic tool with which to control our world societies – not the world society as a whole, but populations of individual countries, states and kingdoms. It is structured in such a way that if we follow laws created by our so called leaders or groups of leaders, we are considered “good” and if we don’t, we are considered “bad” and need to be “punished”. As such we ha
  4. jamesAMDG You are right. We are a pot and a kettle. I tend to be huffy and when I recognize that I am moving into the aeon of arrogance, I back off until I can cool down. That is why I said I did not want to talk to you any more. I define an aeon as a place in thought. Like when a man doesn't want to talk about his divorce. he says "don't go there". It means he doesn't want to think about it. He does not wan't to go to that particular aeon of thought or place in thought. In regard to the Old Testament Yahveh, my thinking, right or wrong, is a little different from the tr
  5. Very eloquently put Soma. You are so focused and write so well that it is almost impossible to improve on what you have to say. It is the interchange of dialogue on the Progressive Christianity site that has helped me grow. I join you with a big thank you to them. BobD
  6. jamesAMDG All of your replies speak for themselves They tell me that you talk down to and demonize me, Pagans, Tom Harpur, Professor Khun, so called non-Christians, Gnostics, Progressive Christians and anyone else who does not agree with your theology. You set yourself above others with your perfect god and demean the rest of us who do not agree with you. Enjoy yourself and have a nice life! BobD
  7. jamesAMDG Congratulations on making some good marks on your exams! Having a battle of wits to prove one right or wrong is more like self righteous people sparring for a position of intellectual power over the other. I don't think that flow meant it in that way. You are assuming that gods have something to do with the One god. The word elohim has no part in the definition of god and therefore your assumption that because I say that it is plural creates a plurality of gods, is false. I see Organized Religion's claim that elohim has anything to to with the One god
  8. canajan, eh? That was extremely well written and on the point. I enjoyed reading that. The only thing different I would have said is 4-dimensional earth as the new science includes time as a dimension. Well Done! BobD
  9. I didn't say that that the Old Testament refers to a plurality of gods. I said that the word elohim is plural and I continue to regard it as plural. You twist my words. Literalist Christianity is connected to literalist Judaism like a flower is connected to the stem. Try reading The Pagan Christ by Tom Harper., or A Rebirth of Christianity by Alvin Boyd Kuhn. Try reading Jesus and the Lost Goddess by Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy. Your implication that I am not a real Gnostic is insulting. Are you the keeper of the definition of what a "real Gnostic" is?
  10. Bobd


    McKenna Professor Erhman is talking about errors over time. He explains in his book how these errors occurred, how we corrected many of them and how some can never be corrected because we don't have the original texts of the original authors. BpbD
  11. Bobd


    Lucille, I am a little slow in getting around to seeing your posting but I would would like to say that if we do not embrace and honour homsexuality in the same manner that we honour and embrace heterosexuality we insult god. For I created homesexuals as part of My perfect creation. If you show a homophobic attitude towards My perfect creation as the beast Yahveh (also known as Jehovah, Yahweh or The Lord) does, it shows Me that your self-righteousness makes you think that you are better than Me. When you read the above please do not confuse I with I or [b]Me[/b] with me. I am go
  12. Soma; Thank you for letting me know. BobD
  13. Well said Tariki! One can make the argument that the Hebrew word mishpat actually means 'responsibility' 'relaible' or 'judgment' and has been misinterpreted as meaning 'justice'. If you read through the Old Testament and substitute the word 'justice' with 'responsible', 'reliable' or 'judgment' in their appropriate spots, it tells a different story. In fact, the message that is revealed tends to be more compatable with the teachings of Jesus. In the parable of the 99 Sheep, I see the sheep who is lost as an offender who commits offenses against others. The teaching of this parable sug
  14. Jerryb The Gnostic poem The Thunder Perfect Mind has an interesting view concerning the nature of god. It refers to god as "I" and starts off something like this. I was sent forth from the power, and I have come to those who reflect upon me, and I have been found among those who seek after me. Look upon me, you who reflect upon me, and you hearers, hear me. You who are waiting for me, take me to yourselves. And do not banish me from your sight. And do not make your voice hate me, nor your hearing. Do not be ignorant of me anywhere or any time. Be on your guard! Do
  15. The trinity "fact" that you quote was actually taken from the Pagans. During the time of Jesus, the world was over 90% Pagan. The Pagan trinity was a form of fertility worship which included the Father, Mother, Child. This trintiy of fertility is what ensures mans perpetual existence on earth. The early Catholic (Universal) church took this trinity and distorted it into Father, Son and Holy Ghost. In so doing they took the feminity out of the concept of the trinity and called it a masculine god. The god you believe in is only half a god because it is missing the feminine portion of its a
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