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It seems like several of the newer posters (and some of the older ones as well) enjoy more

statement, relection posts. These seem to be on some topic and might just be there heart

felt ideas that don't go well into a regular type post. The end up having a short thread,



Perhaps we could have an area called something like "Meditations, Reflections, Prayers".

You might want a word count (I mean idea, not as a hard fast rule type thing, I don't want

people really counting the words of the posts). Anyway, these would be basically posting

that doesn't really call for a response. If you want to you can respond, but it doesn't kind

of need response.


I know some people have started blogs, but there do seem to be a lot of people who

enjoy this sort of mode. Being a little older maybe I'm not so comfortable with it (though

I do read stuff like the DailyKos occassionally). And I've even been known to submit

a bit of this type stuff.


What does everybody think?




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That is a great idea! Then people would have a place to post more static, non-conversation-y things. You know, Invision actually has some software that allows people to have a blog of sorts that would be attached to this board. It looks very much like the forum, so it is not quite a blog, but it is a place for you to just write as much as you want or ramble on about whatever in a more monologue-like way, with others commenting briefly as they want.


I'll get back to you this week about this...

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  • 1 year later...

Yeah, I've done this kind of thing before. It was a forum for either general poems, meditations, prayers, or specific prayer requests. Here is how that forum description appeared in the list of forums...


Sanctuary (Alms)


Candles sit on the rocks and the ground, they fill the smooth tables and some even float on the small stone-lined pool. They flicker in the gentle breeze. This is a place to come and place offerings of remembrance, prayers, and well-wishes. **NO DEBATING HERE**

Moreover, in the instruction pinned at the top of the forum it was reiterated that if you wanted to show your solidarity or support but didn't have a specific comment you could just add a candle like so... ( i )


Hence we had posts like this...


May darkness and suffering transform


those who experience them and in turn be transformed into a gateway for greater clarity of purpose and capacity for love. They say that in Chinese the word for crisis is also the word for opportunity. May we embrace the strength and courage necessary to find the opportunities in our troubles.





( i )






( i )





( i )





I don't advocate or wish to see an exact duplication of what has been done elsewhere, but I did like the feel of that forum (and I do like the candle idea). However it looks/turns out I think it will be a "hit".



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