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What's Going On In The Usa?


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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23, 2006 + The Canadian High came through and it's a beautiful day along the Erie Canal.


+ The Witherspoon Society offers "What's Going On in the USA? Rise of an Imperial Triumvirate" (PDF format) by Mark Taylor. Mark is a Theology Professor at Princeton Theological Seminary. In the early 80s, I had the privilege of knowing him Through our participation in the same Chicago church and working with him on a Victim Advocacy Program in Hyde Park. I am impressed with his analysis and his proposals.


Another scholar, Walter Wink, has impressed me a lot with his biblical scholarship and reflections on the current state of the world. He makes the case that most of the world is still under the spell of the Babylonian Redemptive Violence Myth which is closely connected to the dominion of the "principalities and powers" or "the world ruler." He argues that authentic Christianity repudiates this myth but most Christians have yet to learn how much we are spellbound. An excellent summary of Wink's profound thoughts can be found on "Confronting the Powers" which is an online course offered by Vern Rossman. Taylor's thesis is similar. He points out that the post 9/11 narrative has been largely drawn from a long standing idolatrous approach to our nation's purpose or mission.


(latest post on the abundancetrek blog -- http://www.abundancetrek.com/blog -- where you can access the links associated with this post)

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Walter Wink is one of the best progressive Christian writers I've come across.


As for the news lately...well, at least Bush showed a measure of humility a couple days ago.

But on the other hand Rumsfeld continues to shoot off his mouth.

It does feel like the US has been misled and bullied by its own government.


May God help us all.

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One further thought. The global warming threat might almost be a blessing in disguise, if only the world at large would heed the wake-up call and unite in efforts to prevent environmental disaster. If ever there was a common cause that could transcend political conflicts, saving the planet is it.

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