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Hello all,


I'm a PC(USA) minister who is concerned about the limitations our denomination seems to continue placing on God and the work of Godde in the world.


I'm a bit frustrated and can come across as biting in my remarks as a result-just a fair warning.


I'm married happily to Sarah and we have two daughters Chloe (5) and Phoebe (1.5).


I have served as a solo pastor for seven years in the Presbyterian Church USA. My first pastorate was for 3 years in West Virginia, and the second pastorate I am still serving in Eastren Kentucky and have been here for 4 years so far.


I look forward to having good discussions and being among friends who share my desire to rescue Jesus from the right wing nutjobs.


Peace to all, and God give me the grace to love even the nutjobs-especially when I am one myself.



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Welcome Dwight-I hope your stay is long and I look forward to your posts. :)



Hi Dwight! Glad to find another PCUSA minister with a progressive bent. We may not be too far from each other. I am a PCUSA minister in East Tennessee, First Presbyterian Church of Elizabethton.


Where is your congregation?


John Shuck

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Hi Dwight.


I am a PC(USA) retired pastor. Hope I can help. How can I help?


I live in a blue state and serve in a blue presbytery! Sometimes, I suspect, you folks doing prophetic work in red states and red presbyteries need our lifeline, our collegiality, our support and encouragement. I admire the work you are doing in a part of the country where I suspect progressive Christianity is not predominant!


Or maybe you work in a blue church in a blue presbytery and I'm all wet!

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In Canada, the conservative political party (which is called the Conservative Party) uses the colours blue and white, and the liberal political party (which is called the Liberal Party -- really!) uses red and white, so in my head "blue equals conservative", and "red equals liberal." I have to reverse the associations when I'm reading about American politics. In Canada, a Red Tory is a maverick member of the Conservative Party who gets elected on a conservative fiscal platform, but is really a bleeding-heart liberal when it comes to social programs. Some of our best politicians (meaning the ones who brought compassionate change to our society) have been Red Tories.


Love Jen

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