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Moderate Christians

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I like that term. My first step out of conservativism would be soft-literalism. For me it was an extremely important stepping stone, without which I'm not sure how I would have escaped.


Sure, some people are there always. But for some people it is the only kind of stepping stone there can be. I think one can see how it happens too. You start saying, you know Jonah couldn't possibly have been swallowed by a whale. :-) I wonder how many people questioned literalism first with that story? I think I never really believed it. Then you go on to other things. Noah's ark is another goodie. Just imagine all the Air Wick!!


Of course, somethings were never written to be read literally. I'm not sure which those were, but I would guess that Jonah and also the story about Job. I never thøught about it at the time, but it is a really quite a bizarre story on the literal level.



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