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  1. This is not said in hate or aggression, just a legitimate question... given what you folks say you do NOT believe, why do you call this Progressive Christianity? What about Christian faith do you agree to? In regard to daily prayer, I spent about a year praying the prayer of St. Francis every night before bed. Regardless of whether you believe it was really written by St. Francis, or whether you believe there are saints, the words I prayed changed me for life. I recommend that if you do not know what to pray, try this. Focus on each and every word like a pebble dropped in a clear pool, watchin
  2. Hey, BeanieBoy!! I liked reading your post, but I believe that you have to receive Christ as the Lord and Savior of your life to get to Heaven. I believe that people who don't want to spend eternity with Christ will not be doing so. But I also suspect that there are many death-bed conversions that we will never know about because they happen privately between the person and the Lord. I have really struggled with the Christian Church's (as a whole) beliefs about homosexuality. I believe that it is not a choice, it is a way some people are born, their truth. Just like I have the height, sight,
  3. I think the current situation is very nuanced and has to be handled with respect and compassion on your part AND on his. I think those shows and videos are filling a need or feeding a hunger for answers in this crazy world and present situation. But they are not feeding that hunger with anything healthy. I would try to switch to anything you can both agree on, even if you have to go back to Billy Graham or going to a local church that doesn't espouse those dangerous views. It upsets me greatly that the Alt Right view themselves as Christians and because they are louder than us, non-believers t
  4. My real name is LouAnn *screen name Anona Maus* and I'm really struggling with the beliefs and attitudes of the people who attend church with me in Waukesha, WI. After trying to attend a new Bible study, I wrote out a letter to the executive pastor titled "I think I know a different Jesus", listing how the men in the group (who did most of the talking) didn't say anything like what my Jesus says. I saw no compassion, no inclusion, no mercy or grace. I'm looking for a church in southeastern WI that has Progressive Christian views. Any input on this?
  5. I am interested in this. I've been using mindfulness and breathing to help calm some of the nursing home residents I work with and they seem to love it. Even in their very senior years, they are interested in trying something new and request it again. I find it can take me away from my current status or situation and give me peace.
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