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  1. Hi all. I read the "Site to continue for 2021" thread. "Cottage industry" sites like this one can't always survive on their own. There are real world costs that need to be taken into account. I for one, would have no issue with an annual fee of $10USD. This seems like a very small amount of money to pay to keep the site going. I hope that the members of Progressive Christianity would see that this is a good resource to have, and paying such a small amount is well worth it IMO.
  2. Hi all. I joined the Christian forums (https://www.christianforums.com) around the same time as joining here. I was curious to know if anyone here is or was a member there, and if so, what were your thoughts ? There are two things I'd like to say, one minor, and one major : 1. The minor point is that I was banned from the site today. I was banned outright, without any warnings. I know the last thing I posted was somewhat OTT (although factually correct), and was in all likelihood the reason I got the boot. Apart from the lack of notification, I am not concerned about the ban, as I wa
  3. Hi everyone. I was born Catholic, and attended church most Sundays until I turned 18 and started university. That was more than 30 years ago, and in that time, I have not been anywhere near a church, or any other place of religious worship, save for the odd wedding, and increasingly now, the odd funeral. I do not consider myself a practicing Christian per se, but I am interested in the more progressive side of Christianity. I am a "fan" of Matthew Fox and Robin Meyers - each of these men take you to different places and have introduced me to different people. It’s still very early da
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