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  1. Hi all. I joined the Christian forums (https://www.christianforums.com) around the same time as joining here. I was curious to know if anyone here is or was a member there, and if so, what were your thoughts ? There are two things I'd like to say, one minor, and one major : 1. The minor point is that I was banned from the site today. I was banned outright, without any warnings. I know the last thing I posted was somewhat OTT (although factually correct), and was in all likelihood the reason I got the boot. Apart from the lack of notification, I am not concerned about the ban, as I wa
  2. Hi everyone. I was born Catholic, and attended church most Sundays until I turned 18 and started university. That was more than 30 years ago, and in that time, I have not been anywhere near a church, or any other place of religious worship, save for the odd wedding, and increasingly now, the odd funeral. I do not consider myself a practicing Christian per se, but I am interested in the more progressive side of Christianity. I am a "fan" of Matthew Fox and Robin Meyers - each of these men take you to different places and have introduced me to different people. It’s still very early da
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