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  1. I think that the presence of terror texts within the Bible is a problem for all kinds of Christian. While we certainly reject the attributions of the crimes to God Himself,. we are still confronted with the problem of God allowing lots of people (worldwide) to have harmful false beliefs about Him. How do you deal with this? Lovely greetings from Europe.
  2. Thank you Kate, it is always a pleasure to hear such sincere compliments. You might perhaps also appreciate my interview with Kimberly Knight. Cheers.
  3. I consider it morally wrong to ridicule a nice person, no matter what her beliefs are. There are lots of respectful atheists out there who use rational arguments instead of shunning. The most evil aspect of the New Atheism is that it precognizes to be mean and mocking towards religious liberals too, because they (supposedly) allow the existence of fundamentalism. They are completely oblivious to the fact that progressive Christians spend a great amount of their time criticizing fundies.
  4. They are well organized, possess internet websites and gather together. Mockery, ridicule, shun and intolerance are their main features. I want to emphasize I highly value dialogs with respectful atheists challenging Christianity by using rational argument. This whole culture war makes me sick. Progressive Evangelical theologian Randal Rauser wrote a book arguing against that climate of intolerance called You Are less crazy than I think . Cheers.
  5. This is going to be a very controversial post but I do hope we will be able to dialog in a spirit of respect and love. As I made it clear at other places, I have a huge respect for many modern and past atheistic philosophers such as Nietzche, Sartre, Camus, Macky or Comte-Sponville. They are or were great and honest thinkers having had a tremendous contribution to the advancement of philosophy. I do, however, strongly despise the New Atheists (like Denett) who are to atheism what fundamentalism is to Christianity: a shame and an embarrassment. The New Atheists (also called a
  6. "just take what you need and leave the rest" Hello Tariki. I dealt with this in an old post. I believe that fundamentalists are the ones who pick and choose. Owing to the fact that the Bible is hopelessly contradictory, they are always going to have to choose some verses to interpret literally and other verses to distort. There is no consistent inerrantist out there, it is just logically impossible. Cheers from Europe.
  7. I think that if people worship an evil God, they will inevitably bring about evil deeds, unless they are utterly unconsequent.
  8. I have written a series of posts on my blog entitled "Naked Calvinism". In my first post on that topic, I explained what my motives are and why I think that Calvinism is a blasphemous non-sense. What are your thoughts on that? What are your own experiences with this belief system? Best wishes from Europe.
  9. Pete: I have been living in Lancashire since October and I fear I am a bit scared by British politics (facking among other things) too
  10. Thanks Anny, I will write another tale with the same characters for Easter and who knows, maybe the glow worms will rise from the dead
  11. The religious right is a terrible thing, in another post I pointed out the huge discrepancies between their approach and the own priorities of the Gospel Writers. Best wishes from Europe.
  12. Yes, the main problem is their assumption that the Bible is flawless.
  13. Hello Ronald, I am eager to get to know you :-)
  14. Thanks for your kind compliment! I posted a link to another story I wrote, this time a parable of Jesus I adapted to the Bible Belt. Lovely greetings in Christ.
  15. I (re)wrote this parable because I am deeply bothered by the priority of Conservative Christians in America. I'd be glad to know your thoughts on that. Cheers.
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