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  1. Hi everyone We're coming to the end of the Christmas season and it caused me to think about something .. In the Christmas pageants put on in church the angels are always played by girls. I attend a progressive church and the shepherds and wise men are usually mixed both girls and boys. The angels are always played by girls, even in my open and affirming church. I see angels as mythological beings but I find the role of gender assignment in mythology interesting. Has anyone who attends church noticed this or seen boys playing angels in nativity pageants? MO W
  2. I was wondering if any of the Liberal/Progressive Christians here do any thing special for Lent. I used to try to give up certain things,. but now I just try to add some positive behaviors. MOW
  3. I'm not sure when if happened ,but gradually over time I've lost all interest in football. I can't have conversations on Mondays about Sunday's games that other men are so excited about . I think it started when Dave Duerson commited suicide. He did so in such a manner that his brain could be studied. Recently another young man commited suicide at age 29. I used to spend Sundays after church watching the games ,but no longer. Does anyone else feel this way? MOW
  4. According to ESPN magazine Gary Player, age 77, does 1200 sit ups a day. Oh well. MOW
  5. I recently read Gardner's introduction and admired his honesty and candor . I noticed that most of the replies were from men over 60 . They talked about the need to downsize ,both livingspace as well as life expectations. How are things going for the over sixty crowd here ? What have you learned and what are your experiences? I've noticed, for myself, alternating between contentment and depression. The loss of physical power can be disturbing. I used to be able to do 50 pushups now I can barely do 15. I however refuse to take any testosterone or any of those other pills. Anyway , how is the over 60 life going? MOW
  6. I've been thinking of another take on the other thing the Gospel of John is known for, namely the "born again" statement. Perhaps there are other ways of being "born again". I'll give three examples. In a small biography of Karl Jung that I have,Jung tells the story of a church warden . The man was mean ,intolerant and rigid and from age 40 onward became even more fanatical and rigid. He became ,in Jung's words " a darkly lowering pillar of the church." Then suddenly,one night, at age 55 he sits up in bed and announces to his wife that he is just a"plain rascal".He then spends his final years in riotous living blowing through his fortune. An African American bishop, and protege of Oral Roberts ( I can't think of his name) one night while watching TV decides there's no such thing as hell. He starts preaching this to his congregation and is thrown out of the church. Despite this he refuses to budge ,starts his own church and now preaches universalism. A friend of mine's wife ,who grew up Evangelical, suddenly decided one day that she no longer believes in "original sin" "Born again" can perhaps have more than one meaning. Indeed I think someone on this forum said we can be "born again throughout our life. Mow
  7. I remember reading in a book by Ehrman ,that one of the reasons for connecting the OT to the NT was to make the newer "Christian " religion appear ancient. I think he stated that in Roman times (and perhaps still today) when it came to technology or military things,the new was valued. But when it came to religion the old was valued. In other words ,if this thing is truth, how come Socrates didn't know about it or Plato etc. I think Burton Mack in his book The Lost Gospel Of Q says they even changed the order of the OT books . In the Christian Bible the OT ends with Malachi predicting the return of Elijah.The NT begins after telling Mathew's birth account with John the Baptist preaching in the wilderness, like Elijah returning. This seems to make the OT flow onto the NT. Mack says that the Hebrew Bible without the NT ends with the book of Chronicles. I've never seen a Hebrew Bible so I have to take his word for that. MOW
  8. Off the top of my head I can think of "The Gospel of Thomas","The Gospel of Phillip" and ,"The Gospel of Mary Magdelene.The only one I have is The Gospel of Thomas . It's available at any bookstore. The other two are fragments ,I think. Mow
  9. Thanks Joseph, That a good interpretation. I guess one of the things PCs have a problem with is " no one comes to the Father except through me". I am sure there must be a way PCs can interpret that statement in a more progressive and inclusive way. MOW
  10. Joseph ,what, in your opinion is "The Word " i.e." In rhe beginning was the word"? Also "the living water" mentioned to the woman at the well? MOW
  11. This topic is for the wine drinkers out there. Has anyone out there tried Barefoot Wines from California? I have had some reds(cabernet and merlot) but no whites. The price just seems to low i.e. 5 and 6 dollars a bottle) to be any good. MOW
  12. Hello everyone It's been awhile since I've posted. I was curious about pregressive Christian's take on the Gospel of John. It seems that Progressives tend to prefer the Synoptic Gospels and Consevatives like the Gospel of John more. Does this seem true? MOW
  13. Rather than start a new topic ,I think I'll post this here. I work at a community center in an urban area. I've noticed that several "churches" or Christian groups rent space at the facility on a monthly basis. This way, of course, they don't have to worry about mortgages, heat, light, utilites etc. I don't know what you all think about this but it seems to work for them. Most of the groups are Fundamentalist Christian or New Age groups my guess is that the members might prefer this to megachurches. Anyway what to you think of this option. MOW
  14. Hello Alvee I've mentioned this before ,but I'll share it with you. There is a book called "The Zen Teachings of Jesus by Kenneth Leong . In the preface he states that he left Christianity in his teens in order to find the Tao. Fifty years later he realized he could have found the Tao in Jesus. Anyway ,welcome back, MOW
  15. Hi AITNOP One difficulty I have as a choir director is that much of contempoary Christian music seems pretty conservative theologically (IMO). I use mostly anthems published by Hal Leonard and Lorenz etc .Anthems by Word and Maranatha are somewhat conservative ,but I just bite the bullet and use them sometimes. Contemporary gospel(Richard Smallwood, Kirk Franklin ,Mary Mary etc) young people can relate to .but again the theology is pretty conservative IMO. Every now and then something by Bach or Handel but I find most contemporary, volunteer singers have a hard time with learing contrapuntal lines of music So I just leave that alone. MOW
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