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  1. I have an adult nephew (35 years old) who is married, with two daughters (ages 9 and 7). A few years ago his church announced that it was wrong to exchange gifts at Christmas. Claimed it took away from the true meaning of Christmas. As such, his girls no longer get gifts at Christmas. I feel really bad for them. This guy has a good heart, but is making a huge mistake. Your kids only get one childhood. I feel bad because one day he'll wake up and realize that it was a mistake to rob these kids of Christmas. I need some advice. Should I talk to the guy and try to change his mind? If so, what should I say?
  2. Here's a very simple question that no evolutionist can ever answer. When I have asked it on non-Christian websites, I typically get the response, "You're an idiot." However, I am simply trying to show that people really haven't put any of their own brain power into this. They presume that all scientists have no agenda and have completely proven evolution. Having said that, I would like someone to tell me IN THEIR OWN WORDS how the first cell supposedly assembled itself. Please, don't point to articles or YouTube videos. I want someone to explain this phenomenon to me.
  3. What's more abracadabra: believing that somebody built extremely complex entities, or they built them themselves?
  4. Here is how I sum up evolution, just to show how ridiculous it truly is: Let's look at humans. One day, there was a cell. Nobody can explain how it built itself. Suddenly, it started dividing (for reasons unexplained). Eventually, there were 3 trillion cells in one area. Even though these cells had no cognitive ability, they hatched a plan. "Let's all 3 trillion of us hold hands and turn ourselves into a human. You 500,000,000 cells go up top and turn yourselves into the brain. Make yourselves super smart. You 200,000,000 turn yourselves into the heart. You 100,000, 000 turn yourselves into a liver. We're going to need to eat (even though there's no food), so we'll need to have a system in place than can filter our food. You 250,000,000 turn yourselves into a stomach. Make sure you teach yourselves how do break down food. Then, make sure you have 3 trillion waiters ready to feed every cell in our new body, because we all need to eat. As for you remaining cells, make yourselves useful and turn yourselves into eyes, a nose, a mouth, teeth, hands, feet, toes, etc. Oh, and make sure to make yourselves aesthetically pleasing. Any questions? Okay, go for it."
  5. Paul, thanks for your thoughts Again, I certainly don't mean for this to be contentious. I certainly haven't gotten that feeling from you. I just want you to know that I am writing in the same spirit. Here are several reasons why I think evolution can't be true: 1. Ex Nihilo, nihil fit. "Out of nothing, nothing comes." Scientists agree that 13.7 billion years ago there was, quite literally, nothing. No atoms, protons, neurons, etc. Nothing. There is no scientific explanation for how something can grow out of nothing. To me, it's just common sense. If there was a point when nothing existed, then there was no scientific way for that to change. 2. It defies logic. How does green slime turn itself into an African elephant, fire ant, or cockroach? It doesn't. Nowhere in the universe do we see this taking place. Heck, man cannot even do this with all of his brain power. And we're to believe that a gob of goo with no brain, no construction manual, and no guidance, built itself into entities and creatures that are vastly superior in function than anything man can make. 3. The first cell. A simple cell consists of about 10 million parts. Putting aside the fact that there never was any matter from which a cell could be self-created, how did this cell assemble all of its 10 million parts into working order? Again, it had no brain, so it could not have sat there and figure this out. Also, a cell burns energy. What would this first cell consume to ensure that it had energy to get up and running? It's like making a car and then realizing you have no gas. Also, why would this cell suddenly decide that it wanted to start splitting itself in two. And here's the real kicker: the original cell HAD to have DNA inside it to perpetuate itself. Where did this DNA lab come from, complete with its ability to automatically self-replicate itself? 4. The Cambrian Explosion. 99.9% of all living things showed up in the fossil record a virtually the same time, already fully formed. There is no steady progress in the fossil record to contradict this. Evolutionists realize this problem and have come up with what they call "Punctuated Equilibrium." That's a fancy way for saying that fully-functioning creatures suddenly just appeared in the fossil record. That is hocus-pocus to the highest order. 5. How did evolution survive the death of dinosaurs? When dinosaurs died, the rest of the planet went with it. How did it all come back in such a short time?
  6. Please don't take this wrong. However, your five responses tell me nothing. For example: 2. Darwin would likely be astounded at the predictions that evolution would make and would pan out in the field of genetics. This is the typical hyperbole I hear, but there's no substance. What specifically have "the field of genetics" shown? Not trying to harp on you, but I typically get these overly generalized statements. Where is reference to actual genetic findings? 4. Evolution is based on the hypothesis that Earth is a bit older than six thousand years and is by and large consistent with radiochemical dating. Poking fun at the extreme Christian view that the earth is 6 thousand years doesn't move the needle to help prove evolution. Also, what particularly about "radiochemical dating" are you referring to. Again, it's a buzz phrase that sounds important but says nothing.
  7. This question surely isn't intended to inflame. It's just something that I can never get an answer too. Whenever I ask it, people usually point me to an article or book. I want anybody who believes in evolution to tell me five things about evolution that you know is true.
  8. Paul, I can totally respect this angle. My dad is the same way. I totally accept him. I'm focusing on people who are concerned about their future after this world. For those who want more, atheism, by definition, can never deliver it.
  9. Paul, totally love the spirit of your response. So, please, don't take this wrong. I went onto a non-Christian website and asked a question that nobody could answer. I certainly am not trying to demean you or anyone else. I am simply trying to demonstrate that people really don't know much about evolution. Let me pose it to you. Name five things about evolution that you know are true.
  10. Who is God, Jesus or Darwin? I have spent a lot of my adult life trying to figure out if God was real, or whether evolution is true. I wanted to believe that Jesus was real, but evolution made me nervous. The reality is that Darwin, for all sakes and purposes, is cast as a god. Only a god could make this entire universe and its surreal complexity. After tons of soul searching, I have landed on the side of Jesus. This was not some blind leap of faith. It has been 30 years in the making. I read many, many books about science and evolution. I also prayed a lot. This was no easy decision. I have always considered myself a Christian, but wanted to really analyze everything. In the end, there just wasn't anything there for evolution. Sorry, but all of the claims made by evolution simply defy logic. If you ever really scrutinize them, it will only strengthen your faith. I found it comforting that scientific scrutiny of evolution found it utterly lacking. Another thing that Jesus brings is hope. If you believe in Darwin, he, quite literally, gives you no hope. That's sobering. If anybody else has struggled with this, I want to encourage them to seek the Lord. He is not angry at you for trying to figure out the truth. If it helps, read my book (free at Smashwords.com called "iDoubt: When Faith Falters"). One particular chapter you'll really like is called, "It’s Hard to Believe in Fairy Tales." The chapter looks at claims made by evolution and shows them to be fairy tales. Don't be afraid to challenge evolution. In the end, it is lacking. Oh, and I'm not an idiot. I am an honors graduate of a prestigious law school and am a very successful trial attorney in California. I'm not some country bumpkin who just believes anything that his pastor says. I get paid to critically analyze facts. I have done the same to evolution and find it to be a complete myth. Seek and ye shall find. God is with you as you seek. Is my solution perfect? No. Am I suddenly going to become a fundamentalist, religious zealot? Hades no! Just saying that, with all the problems of religion, evolution is even more lacking.
  11. Thank you, Norm. I sincerely appreciate it. The weird thing about Jesus and hell is that it almost looks like it was forced into the text. One minute, Jesus is discussing the Sermon on the Mount, loving your brother, and caring for the needy. Then in an instant, he suddenly comes out of left field with this declaration that people are going to hell! What? That just doesn't seem to fit the true character of Jesus.
  12. Totally agree. I believe in Jesus, but think the whole hell thing is vastly misunderstood.
  13. How many times in your life have you made a romantic pitch to someone else and flopped? Usually the attempt satisfied you even if you did not obtain the desired result. Unfortunately, we have all seen too many stories in the news about a man who kills his ex-girlfriend since she would not reciprocate his love. Such stories always anger me. I usually envision the man being a pathetic, disgusting person.Something is wrong with the concept of using violence to force love. Is the love God holds out to us any different from the love that the ex-boyfriend has offered? If we accept God’s love, all is well; if not, we will receive damnation beyond measure. Something is wrong with this picture. I was just reading in John 5:25 this morning, where Jesus said, "Most assuredly, I say to you, the hour is coming, and now is, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God; and those who will hear will live." The scripture clearly is talking about people who are already dead. How can dead people hear the gospel? I thought you had to have your act together before you died? However, Jesus is saying the opposite. From what I gather, even after death, Jesus gives people a chance. I realize this is anathema to many contemporary Christians, but I did not write John 5:25. Maybe God is much, much, much more forgiving than we realize. I would not be surprised if, after death, all were given a chance, and only a very few who truly hated Jesus and wanted nothing to do with him went to hell. Going back to what I said. If God said, "I love you so much, here's my son. But, if you don't reciprocate you will be DAMNED!" That does not sound like love in any form. I think Satan has distorted this message. Remember, God said that his mercy "endures forever." How can it endure forever if he sends people to hell forever? I think his love does endure FOREVER. Love endures forever, not torment.
  14. Last night I was watching a video of members of the military surprising their families by coming home early. It was a super tear-jerker video. Here it is, just for the fun of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dKWq0CzK-k. The response of the kids was precious. One particular kid was met by his dad at school. The kid was about 12. He walked out of his class, was shocked to see his dad, then ran and jumped into the air, allowing his dad to catch him. It was pure, unadulterated love. I got to thinking: God says that his mercy endures forever. He loves us more than this boy loved his father. If that is so, then my life should reflect this boy's, who had nothing but pure love for his father. My life should not be filled with fear of death and hell. A God who truly loves us would not hang that over heads. I think the translation has been screwed up. I believe that Jesus is the savior, but that the issue of hell is way out of wack.
  15. A GREAT book to read is "Who Moved the Stone" by Frank Morrison. A fantastic analysis of the entire Resurrection event. The book was written about 90 years ago by a guy who was an atheist at the time. It's not your typical modern, bull crap. Very, very well-written.
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