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  1. I have a question I have friends that are "Born again Christians" When ever we talk they almost all the time hope I find a church to go to I have even had some say not one of the churches that have a female Minister. I question this and they say God doesn't call women to the ministry my answer is how do they know what God says to some one. I often ask them what does it matter what church you go to as long as you live the word of the Lord. Why do they feel this way am I missing something.
  2. I have often wondered about the death and resurrection of Jesus. Could it have been possible for Jesus not to have died on the cross? I have some medical knowledge and have and thought about his wounds none of which seemed that devastating. Could he, have passed out and was thought to be dead placed in the tomb and regained consciousness opened the tomb himself, Then knowing the danger went into hiding and after his first contacts with his followers, then went to other countries to spread his teaching, Because the Koran has a lot of similarities and Muhammad received his teaching from the arc
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