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My name is Gary Ray. I am the Team Leader for the new, I Am A Watchman ministry. I want to respect your time so here's the bottom line: I am writing to make you aware of a new FREE ministry resource (an online digital library of informative, God-honoring articles, e-books, bible studies and teaching videos). The prayer is that this new resource will be a blessing to ministry leaders and the body of Christ.  There are no fees or hidden charges. The desire is to be a blessing. The website address is www.IAmAWatchman.com.


Additional information on this new ministry resource is noted below.  If you agree that this new resource can be a blessing to the body of Christ, we would appreciate your help in making others aware of it.

 Thank you,

    Gary / I Am A Watchman ministries



The  I Am A Watchman ministry is a new, FREE, online resource (a digital library) designed to inspire and encourage believers, reach the lost, and equip those who feel called to lead and serve.  I Am A Watchman ministry resources note how to enter into a relationship with Christ, how to grow in Christ, how to be bold for Christ (which we refer to being “ALL IN”  and being a  “WATCHMAN FOR THE LORD”) and how important it is to be prepared for the return of Christ. Influenced by the prophet Ezekiel (particularly Ezekiel 3 and 33),  I Am A Watchman resources encourage individuals to be active in their faith and bold for the Lord.


Here is a  link to a 90-second video profile of the I Am A Watchman ministry: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPtMN-Lz_S3I3VnRs5Idy1A

 Here is a link to a  20-minute profile of what it means to be a watchman for the Lord: https://vimeo.com/259965426


The I Am A Watchman ministry is rather unique in four ways:     1) All resources (including 8 books, 30 teaching videos, and 36 sermon kits) are FREE      2) we are providing quality resources to equip church leaders to teach on the important but often under-addressed topics of prophecy and eschatology           3) we are creating a platform whereby  individuals who identify as watchmen can be encouraged, equipped, and connected with other watchmen    and    4) we are making resources available in six languages (which will allow the ministry to impact China, India, Africa, Mexico—South America, and the Arab world).


The ministry is very new—we launched phase one of our website less than two weeks ago. New resources and website features are being added/loaded each day. It is an exciting time. We have been working hard for seven months to create content for the I Am A Watchman resource center. It is our passion to see these FREE resources become a blessing to individuals and churches around the globe. Thank you for considering helping to promote this new ministry.

-Gary Ray

HelpsForTheChurch@gmail.com  / gjrwm@iamawatchman.com /  360-862-3550


 PS: There is a "subscribe" button, but there are no fees or charges--and email addresses will not be shared. The registration allows users access to the coming chat boards, forums, and online teaching sessions. Having 'subscribers' allows our moderators to block a user if there is a problem. Again, all services, books, literature, teaching kits, etc, are free.

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