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The Infinite Jeff is a book I have been working on for a few years. Part one is on ebook and part two is getting closer. I think many here will enjoy it because it takes a very different look at Christianity. I actually found out about Progressive Christianity after I wrote the first draft and as I read more on PC I was very pleased to find out I have company in my disconnetent of the current state of Christianity. I grew up in the north as a Methodist but moved away for religion in my early 20's. I moved south, married a Church of Christ woman, have been going to the CofC for over 20 years and shaking my head. Going to a church that so drastically conficts with my foundational beliefs caused me to think and read more to offset what I was hearing and grow in the direction I felt was right for me. The Infintie Jeff is a product of that mental conflict and the growth from the conflict. It is a fictional story of a man searching from meaning in religion and work. Part one deals with his search for meaning in religion. Well, actually, he wasn't searching as much as the search came to him. :) He is on an interesting and stressful journey which makes for a fun read.


You can download it for free at Smashwords with the code: ZB26Q



Will Holcomb

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