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Time To Find A Church


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Well, I'm moving to a large metropolitan area soon, and I feel like I should find a new religious home. I was last in a Fundamentalist church, then became an Atheist for a couple of years. I'm not currently attending a church because there's really not a progressive church around this area. However, in the city I'm moving to there's a wide range of churches to choose from, and I want to start looking for a new place of worship.


What churches would everyone here recommend? I don't want to go in blind looking for a new church.

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For Christian denominations that tend to be more liberal and progressive, I would look for UCC (United Church of Christ, not to be confused with CoC), Disciples of Christ Christian Church, Anglican (but high church), or maybe some UMC (United Methodist, but would vary from church to church).


If you want progressive, humanitarian but without the Christian focus, you might want to consider Unitarian Universalist congregations.

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