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I got the book "Rapture- The End Times Belief That Leaves The Bible Behind." Very dissapointing. This book is written By David B. Currie a catholic Minister who used to be a Fundamental Protestant. Problem is that in this book, while explaining what's wrong with Fundamental Protestant's fundamental interpretations of Millennialism, he simply replaces this with his Catholic Fundamenyal interpretations of Millennialism. Through this book, Currie injects how he interpretates the Catholic church to be the earthly manifestation of God's kingdom on earth. This is very much what Jehovah's Witnesses do in their own millennial books such as, "Revelations- A Grand Climax At Hand!" in whuch the JW org explains how they view their JW organization as the earthly representive of God's Kingdom.


In book Currie's fundamental Catholic book here and in JW's end time books, where ever end time Scriptures speaks of true Christians being mistreated for Christ's sake, they insert themselves. Second, this catholic author does not do a good job at all on clear;y explaining what the Catholic church'es view on millennialism. It sounds like at first that he is saying he agrees with amillennialism..but then end up saying he rejects it but not offer a solid alternative view. He speaks about The Lord's prayer talking about God's will be done as it is in heaven..but totally ignores the part about the earth. Maybe he is suggesting that the earth part of the Kingdom is the Catholic church? Then how come swords have not been beaten into prunning shears? Ect?


No, this was not a good book to combat the rapture movement.

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