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Things That Turned Me Off As A "fundie"


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This is somewhat of a rant, but I will try to be nice ;)


I cannot understand why so many churches get the idea that they must build these huge "Life Centers" with all of the trimmings for millions of dollars. From my experience (somewhat limited) there is a lot of debt incurred and a lot of square footage not being used! Our church had an educational wing built when there were many rooms being used for pure junk storage! I am seeing these mammoth structures going up all around the South.


Maybe I took a wrong turn somewhere, but when did inticing kids to church with swimming pools, gymnasiums, symposiums become necessary? I think it fosters too much of a fun and games spirituality if any at all. Or, am I just out of the loop? My kids are just now grown and we went thru out share of all of this. What I experienced was that when the kids grew up, they left church completely because it was no longer "fun". There we not enough spirituality taught to these kids.


These kids were not taught to respect their elders because they were their "buddies". I dunno, maybe in this days society of latchkey and broken homes it is more necessary than I think?



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I agree completely. To paraphrase a quote I heard a while ago, "The church is really growing, there's a real revival going on." "Yeah, it's growing all right...it's a mile wide and an inch deep."


Too many churches, in an effort to "reach out," are going crazy trying to entertain people. We certainly need to be relevant to the culture we are trying to reach, but we don't need to be shallow or superficial, in my opinion. My church meets in a huge tent, built to put money into people, not buildings. It's heated/cooled, etc., and saved us a ton of money.

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