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A Speculation On Reincarnation


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Ok, I know this may be heretical to many, but I have often wondered about

reincarnaion and if it may help explain how I came to be in my present

situation of being an MTF transsexual. I know that this subject has not

been part of Christianity since the third or fourth century. (There is

mention in the Nag Hammadi texts and Origen wrote about it.) I also know

that the usual explanation for it, as a way to earn salvation, is out of

line with the basic view that salvation only comes through Christ. But I

still wonder.


In my imaginings, I seem to remember six former lives. The first as a woman

living during the Ice Ages of Europe, moving north during the summers so the

men could hunt the horses and reindeer on the tundra and then retreating

south to shelter in the mountain valleys during the winter. This was a free

and pleasant life living close to nature. The second life remembered was as

the wife of a wealthy merchant in early Egypt. Another pleasant life, but I

missed the freedom and so in my next life I chose a life as a woman in a

cattle herding tribe in Africa. During this life, I developed an envy for

the warrior men and so chose to try it in my next life choosing to be a

Germanic warrior in Europe just after the fall of Rome. This was a

miserable experience and I died in my first battle. Coming to my senses, I

next had a marvelous life in the French court in the 17th century. It was

so pleasant that I wanted to repeat it by choosing to be the daughter of a

well to do businessman in Europe. Unfortunately, we were Jewish living in

the Rhineland after the first world war. With the coming of the Nazis,

everything fell apart and I ended up as slave labor in a factory where I

traded sexual favors for special favors. On day an especially brutal guard

came wanting his pleasure. I climbed up a balcony overlooking the machinery

and jumped to my death. To this day, I have a fear of heights, machinery,

and no interest in sex. Blaming my own weakness for my end, I chose to try

being a man again living in the most powerful nation, the United States.

This has proven to be a stupid choice; although, I have learned much from

it. While I tried very hard to be a man, it was never who I really am. And

while America has many good things, it's culture of hyperindividualism has

proven to be an isolating experience. If there are future lives, I will

never chose to be male again nor will I chose such a culture. (My apology

to any 'patriots' out there.)


Let me then conclude by explaining how reincarnation may be acceptable to a

Christian. The basic problem as I see it with the orthodox view is that it

is based on the premise that salvation = escape from earthly life and that

God is absent from the world. This is basic gnosticism that is incompatible

with the biblical view that creation is good (Genesis chapter one). If

however we see life as a gift, an opportunity to live out our true nature as

children of God - children of Love; then a repeated returning to this life

would be natural and expected. Salvation then becomes not an escape from

life, but an awakening to life in the fullness. The Christ's role is to

lead us from a false life in the "world" (i.e. a life of separation, greed

and fear) to a true life in the "spirit" (a life of interconnectedness,

generosity and love), both of which reflect states of consciousness not




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Hmmm... While I don't view the doctrine of "one life, death, and resurrection per person" as an "essential" of authentic and vital Christian faith, I'm enough of a traditionalist that I feel content to believe in resurrection and not reincarnation - and I'm pretty sure that my former selves in my past lives shared this view. ; )

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I don't really believe in reincarnation as it just doesn't make sense to me... how does my consciousness get inside somebody elses body? ZIP drive? Tape backup? Transporter? Dreams and imagination are POWERFUL things and we've all suffered from a case of deja vu before.. Personally, I suggest considering the principle of "Occum's Razor":


"If there are several possible explanations for some observation, and no significant evidence to judge the validity of those hypotheses, you should always use the simplest explanation possible. Occum's razor is also known as the principle of parsimony – one should make no more assumptions or assume no more causes than are absolutely necessary to explain one's observations."


Besides, to me it's really more about how well you live the life you have right now. Live after the example of Christ and spread God's love. Period. The rest will take care of itself.



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BrotherRog writes:

>>I feel content to believe in resurrection and not reincarnation


Is resurrection to be considered only as a literal one time event, or is it a metaphor for new life coming out of death, something that happens many times in one's life. The same of course can apply to reincarnation, since we take on many new roles in life while remaining the same person. And does what occur within one lifetime also occur in other lifetimes, making the the distinction between resurrection and reincarnation mute? And if we we know from within our own lifetime the reality of resurrection and reincarnation, can we apply this same knowledge applicable to future lifetimes? Can we rely on knowledge rather than belief?


Eviltroll writes:

>>how does my consciousness get inside somebody elses body?


Is consciousness inside your body or is your body inside your consciousness?


Troll also writes:

>>one should make no more assumptions or assume no more

>>causes than are absolutely necessary to explain one's observations


But can we be aware of all our assumptions or the assumptions of others? Are not the numbers of assumptions and their perceived magnitude dictated by our own preconceptions?


Troll concludes:

>>to me it's really more about how well you live the life you have

>>right now. ... The rest will take care of itself.


On that I do agree, but can one's knowledge (not belief) of past lives help one to live life more fully?


Gnothi Seauton - Know thyself.

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