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Fahrenheit 9/11

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I saw it.......I was very impressed with Moore's work. Some of the things I was like "Uh....that's really stupid and twisted." But, for the most part I thought Moore did a good job of presenting the facts in an interesting way.


I have also thought about leaving the country if Bush is re-elected. But, eh, I don't know. I honestly don't think it's gonna happen though. I think Kerry's gonna win, but it's gonna be close.


But yeah, I loved the movie and have reccomended it to many, many people.

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Yes, I saw it - on the day it opened. It was disturbing, shocking, and depressing. However, I left motivated to do all that I can to help my country (the USA) to change its ways and I can only do this effectively from within. I urge you to stay and fight the good fight no matter what happens in the 2004 elections. Keep the Big picture in mind, this too shall pass (i.e. the conservative swing of the American pendulumn)...

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Just a few thoughts running through my brain-- like a squirrel in his exercise wheel...


First, we can not "re-elect" bu$h. He was not elected the first time-- he was selected.


Second, does anyone think our votes will count any more in November than they did in 2000? Nothing was done about that fiasco. Worse, the bu$h jihad has had four years to perfect it.


Third, IF Kerry gets in, will it really matter? First he votes as Senator for the war. Then he says he will ADD 40k troops. And his latest is that he says even if he'd known then what he knows now he would've voted with the bu$histas.


Fourth, I really hate the way he ram-rodded his way to the nomination (some think he BOUGHT it... I wouldn't doubt it) and the way his supporters have virtually silenced any dissent within "his" party.


I guess what I'm trying to say is I am very disillusioned and nervous about America's future no matter which one gets in. I do not like Kerry, but I pray for several things:


1) that when I vote for him, it actually counts.

2) that he wins.

3) that everything I've read about him the last couple years is just dead wrong.


Either way, I am dreading November 2.

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