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Spam Update

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I've been on the phone to our message board hosts, and here is the deal:


- Currently, there is no way to ban users from using the BBC code (the funny code that is written when you press the editing buttons in the toolbar, like bold and italics, etc) to create links. You CAN ban them from using HTML, but I have already done that - long ago.


- The think that my suggestion to not let users use that code until they have "proven" themselves is a great one, but of course, it will be forever before something like that is implemented.


- I can disable use of BBC code, but it would be a global thing - no links for anyone ever! And this would not even, necessarily, stop the spam, as they could still post the links, they would just not be hotlinks.


- I can set the settings to preapprove all registrants or even all posts, but this would be lame, I think.


- So, for now, I have the board set to email me IMMEDIATELY when someone new registers, though they will be approved automatically. If their email or name looks suspicious, I will delete and ban them. If I am not sure, I will keep an eye out for their posts, or warn them.


- I am also changing the config so that I will get your messages much quicker when you click a "report this post to a moderator" button. Can't say that I will respond right away at, say, 3am, but I am online much of the day for my work, so I should get it fast.


In the end, we are only talking one or two a week at most. So just shut your eyes :ph34r: and report it to me and I will make it go away.


I have been banning all of the IP addresses and domains of the spammers, and I have put up every bot guard there is, so we will just hope for the best, and wait for the next board upgrade!


Sorry about this... thanks for your patience.

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Whew... well, as you might have noticed, there has been almost no spammers for awhile now. But in order to acheive this state of peace, I have had to manually approve every registration for the board. Which is too bad in a way - since new registrants cannot post immediately after responding to the email confirmation.


BUT, it means a spam-free world for us. So I will keep it up for now. Still experimenting with other options.


Kind of fun guessing who the spammers are based on the person's username, email and IP address, though. Some are more obvious than others, so if some get through, please forgive.


But do continue to alert me IMMEDIATELY if you see anything odd, or get any strange PM's.


Nice to see the board humming along like this ;)



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