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  1. Hi all, this is a really interesting thread. I'll add some thoughts here and explain my assumptions first, so you get an idea of where I'm coming from. You might not be in the same place but I thought I'd add this angle to the discussion. My basis for comment is: a) I'm in a 'paring down' mode, trying to get to the kernel of what still exists for me in the christian faith. b I don't feel drawn to understanding Martha and Mary were actual people who actually lived, or were the exact people featured in this story. c) this story may be a story that has a message but might use the ident
  2. Thanks Joseph, Wayfarer and OA ! It's good to know that others have experienced the confusion and questioning that goes with the deconstruction process. Interesting too that there is no defined path 'out' - which would just be another trap I guess, and I fully anticipate there is no end point either. Thanks for sharing your experiences here, I'm grateful to be able to express these ideas in a place where I don't sound too kooky. As well as leaving the church community, I have very little contact with any people from any church background (would it be awful to say I avoid it? ).
  3. Hi all, I'm interested in your thoughts on this one (understanding of course that this is a progressive christian site). I've been coming out of conservative christianity, exploring faith (outside of a church community) and shedding many of the beliefs and 'truths' I once held. The thing is, I'm actually wondering if I'm really christian at all anymore. Although I've shed a load of old baggage and teachings, my faith feels like it's expanded rather than shrunk and I it doesn't seem 'contained' or confined exlusively to christian beliefs. I've been reading a lot = Spong, Borg, Tao te Ch
  4. Thanks for getting back to us with your thoughts Joseph. From your account it sounds very much like Tolle expands further on The Power of Now, building on the 'signpost' ideas, and observing the thinker. I had hoped the New Earth had some further insight and didn't just cash in on a good thing (ooh, sometimes I'm a big cynical about 'sequels' - sorry!!) I read the Power of Now and had to persevere. I got about a third of the way through it before it started to make sense to me. I almost need to go back now and read that first third again!! Thanks again Joseph, it sounds good - I'll
  5. Yes Wayfarer, that's where I feel I'm at, for now. I've relinquished my need to know (and my demand to know) how everything works and it has freed me to fully enjoy what is happening around me now. I'm relaxed about that though, it's not a desperate life - I don't feel I have to wring every drop out of every minute because that's all I'll get. I'm content with what the day brings and balance that with some intentions for the future - although I hold them lightly. I'm much more present that I've ever been and am more aware of the exquisite beauty that is all around, all the time - I've just
  6. Hey Wayfarer, thanks for opening up this discussion - it's an interesting one. You asked what "I" think of the afterlife and whether I believe in an afterlife. So, bearing in mind that the following is my own personal work-in-progress-ramble, here goes... I 'used' to be in conservative christian ministry and very sure of a 'place' called heaven, entered after death and judgement before God. I used to think about it often, preach and comfort others with the hope of heaven and sometimes behave in order to preserve my spot. I believed it was an actual place, separate from this earthly w
  7. I've just finished reading Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now" which was interesting - and Joseph I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the New Earth. The book was good, but actually living the 'now' is quite a challenge with the constant distractions and internal noise we all encounter. A good book though and Tolle draws on various traditions to explain his points. I'd also add to this list: "The Power of Myth" - Joseph Campbell. It's a great introduction to mythology (not fairytales!) and the common stories and meanings of various peoples throughout the world. Fascinating
  8. Hi all, I first posted about two years ago after a shift in my faith and a personal dark night of the soul. Thought I'd drop by again and see where everyone is at and share some thoughts. Great to see you're still here!
  9. QUESTION 3 - What does TCPC do right now that you find valuable? It exists (!!) and is accessible to me. I'm not part of a worshipping community right now. By choice I stepped out of the regularity of church attendance after a long time and realise now that I don't know what I believe or if I actually believe in God anymore. That doesn't sit well with many people who know me (funnily enough!!). I haven't posted for months but I visit regularly to read comments and consider bigger questions than I'm used to contemplating (from a reasonably conservative background). Some posters
  10. and a happy new year to you too Flow...and all here, love well, FL
  11. Hey des, I say hey too which I picked up from a friend visiting from Nth Carolina. Most people here in Australia say Hi and a whole lot of people really DO say "G'day" (only it gets all mushed up). I did say Hiya for a while but everyone kept answering "I'm fine thanks" which tells you that Aussies drawl quite a bit. I think once you start questioning and searching it becomes clearer that there are parts of every faith structure, ideology, denomination (or congregation) that you like and don't like, accept and don't accept, own and disown. Personally, I really don't expect to find o
  12. Drats!! can't get on the site - data transfer is exceeded. Will try again later. PS - I'm a nutcase too (over one shitzu and one papillonX) who have me well trained and outsmarted. FL
  13. Thanks MT, great site. I like the 5 Aspects of Prayer/5 elements. FL
  14. What is that? I haven't heard about it.
  15. What really got me after 'praise' music was giving God a 'clap offering'.
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