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  1. Hi, new to the forum and was wondering if anybody out there in this big old world is from Joplin, Missouri or the surrounding areas? I live in Kansas, but about three miles away from Joplin. I don't know if I could ever get lucky finding someone so close to share PC with! There's not any churches around here that focus on PC but finding PC has opened my thoughts up about Jesus and I want to attend a church to see what that's all about. (I'm Hindu by nature, not nurture...I'm not an Indian and never really fit in anywhere). I want to give Christianity a try. I'm thinking about going to a Discip
  2. I just read a book that came out some time ago called "Thank God for Evolution" by Michael Dowd. Pretty interesting read. I'm guessing many people have probably read it around here. My question is this: Does this book accurately depict Progressive Christianity? I haven't been PC for very long and picked this book up by chance. One of the reasons the book appealed to me is because I'm so interested in evolution. Yes, I'm an admirer of Richard Dawkins, though I'm not an Atheist. I thought the book was pretty profound, but it smacked of Pantheism. Is that really what PC is? Perhaps Panentheism?
  3. Thanks for the welcome! Ah, the weather in Kansas...What's that old saying...? If you don't like the weather just wait five minutes. As I write this, we're getting snow (but not much so far) and there's been a bunch of school and church cancellations for Cherokee county and the surrounding areas. I'm supposed to take my cat to the vet tomorrow: that might have to wait for another day. Just a check up, nothing serious. :-) I'm also scheduled for therapy tomorrow but they cancel at the sight of snowflakes. I'm wondering if there's anyone on this forum from Kansas or Joplin, Missouri (we're about
  4. Hello to all! I'm so happy to be here! Here's a little information about myself: I was raised in a conservative Southern Baptist household. In about 1999 or thereabouts, I figured out that Jesus and what I was being taught was not the only path to god. I had a lot of love for a higher power but was not religious until 2001, when I discovered Hinduism. I should mention that I'm Caucasian and from Southeast Kansas. I never connected with anyone with my new found faith, and had to keep it a secret. I was lonely, but I had strong faith. In 2013 I lost faith. I don't know what happened. I'd call it
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