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  1. Raven, Your statement, "The Kingdom is within all of us...", I think expands nicely upon my view of the Nativity. This biblical account, along with many others, speak deeply to me about the birth and life of Christ within my internal kingdom, that spiritual temple which I am erecting within myself. - Alan
  2. It has been approximately two years since I last posted in this forum. I remember having excellent conversations with several here, all of which allowed me to see a new view through different lenses. One of my earlier posts included my views of the Nativity. I am posting it here again to generate continued conversation. Peace to all - Alan Original Post: Because of the Christmas season, I have been thinking about the nativity scene and its meaning. I consider the Gospels to present beautiful, meaningful mythologies rather than literal stories. Thus, I have come up with the fo
  3. Adi, Wow...this song brings out a lot of emotion in me... Thanks for posting that. Alan
  4. Janet, No, I haven't read that book yet. I will add it to my lengthy list of potentials. BTW, I looked around the Soul Biographies website and there are some really fun and engaging videos there. Thanks, again, for posting the link. Alan
  5. Wow...that's a FANTASTIC video!! Thank you for posting it. From what everyone has posted, it seems our fears of not belonging, our fears of death, our fears of losing a loved one, all stem to a root fear: the fear of being alone. This is one of my greatest fears. Sure, I like to get away, be by myself, and experience life through silence and circumspection, but I know that I will eventually return to my family and friends. Even when I get away, I know that my connection with God is still there and I can feel the Divine Presence within me. But losing all of that is scary. We mu
  6. Ada, Beautifully said. I completely agree with your idea of the Christmas standard. How wonderful our lives would be if we all gave birth to love, hope, joy, compassion, and tolerance every day! Your statements about God's Light makes me think of an analogy I once heard. If God is the sun, and we are the moon, then we must strive to be full so as to reflect God's radiance during the darkness of the night. I like to use a paraphrased statement of St Francis of Asissi which says "no amount of darkness can extinguish the light from a single flame". We must be candles in the dar
  7. Because of the Christmas season, I have been thinking about the nativity scene and its meaning. I consider the Gospels to present beautiful, meaningful mythologies rather than literal stories. Thus, I have come up with the following thoughts and would love to hear from others their opinions on these ideas: 1. The birth story of Jesus actually portrays how the spirit of Jesus should be born within ourselves. The baby Jesus is a seed of light that radiants love and connection to God. 2. The lowly manger scene depicts that this seed of light can come into the life of all mankind, reg
  8. Jake, I am a lurker here, and have been for some time. I try to scan the new posts as readily as my busy schedule will allow. Unfortunately, I typically don't stop and post a comment when I read something I consider open and thought-provoking. Your post, however, has truly moved me. Your thoughts regarding Point 3 are very similar to my own. I have always considered Communion to be one of the most beautiful and meaningful sacraments of Christianity. However, an event in my life changed my feelings towards Communion as practiced by the church I attended as a young man. I was ra
  9. Joseph, Thank you for posting the above link. Your thoughts are well presented and they have given me much more to think about. Alan
  10. Joseph, That is a very interesting point of view regarding love. I have been thinking about your comments for some time and offer mine as follows: I believe that G_d exists. I believe that all things are part of G_d. I know that both good and evil exist. Therefore, good and evil are part of G_d. The Book of John says that G_d is love Therefore, love is made up of aspects of G_d including good and evil. Is this consistent with your ideas of love? Alan
  11. FOLLOW UP - After reading my post, I realize I didn't give my thoughts on the Sacrament/Symbolism issue. I have a hard time with the word Sacrament. Christianity is generally accepted as having two Sacraments: Baptism and Communion. Both of these are supposed to impart Grace into our lives. My questioning/confusion comes from the term Grace. What does this term truly mean? I don't believe in an external, separate God entity that 'looks down upon us' or acts outside of ourselves. With that said, the term Grace doesn't make sense to me because it implies getting something from ou
  12. Jake, Great topic. I haven't posted to this forum in a long time, and so this is a chance for me to get back into it. I consider Baptism to be a symbolic ritual that gives us a physical connectedness with a spiritual event. Immersion of the physical body into water, followed by the emmanation of the body back into air, is a great way to give a physical feeling and understanding of how our spiritual body is cleansed/changed by our mystical Baptism with Diety. This version of Baptism refers to the full immersion version, not the symbolic touching of water to the forehead of babies
  13. I have finished Harvey's book and just wanted to offer these comments: The first section of the book focuses on Harvey's interpretation of the historical/radical Jesus. The author did a great job of presenting some alternative interpretations of Christ's parables and actions. I enjoyed this section immensely and thought what a great way to start the book. The second section focused on the Mystical Christ, and in particular, Harvey's interpretation of his own mystical Christ experience. This section was difficult to follow and I'm sure I missed many of his key points. However, he di
  14. I'm feeling this way about the book "Son of Man" that I'm currently reading (see my list above). The author is making some very bold statements about his method of finding Christ or, as he says, becoming 'Christed'. He essentially is prescribing a method of becoming like Christ via his direct communication with Christ. I'm having a hard time digesting some of his thoughts, but will finish the book anyway. There have been some interesting points of view and I hope he will provide a few more. Alan
  15. Joseph: Wonderful stuff! Thank you. I sense a touch of Eckhart Tolle in your response (watching the mind without judgement or thought). I see you have even suggested his book in my recommended books post. I enjoyed his "Power of Now". I agree with you and him that we need to look at our minds from a non-emotional, non-judgemental stance. The steps seem so easy, yet so hard to take. I spent 35 years letting my mind control my surroundings and have spent the last 6 trying to free myself. I take baby steps daily...I rejoice in my little accomplishments. Thank you again,
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