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  1. Thank you all for your responses, and Soma, thank you for kind words. After looking over this site I have noticed a polemical Gnostic presence. I am sorry for this. Because of that presence, I feel I must say the following... I am not here to convince anyone to "convert" to a Gnostic path (that is not our way). Nor am I here to argue points of scripture or theology. I am here because I believe in the principles that you proclaim. I am here to participate, and get to know my brothers and sisters in Christ (however Christ is viewed). And to learn. I have only recently heard of Process Theol
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    1. How does language “an approach to God” fit your spiritual needs? We need a pathway – a structure – a pattern that will allow us to get out of our own way, and experience GOD directly; process the experience of direct encounter with GOD; and restructure our convictions and views in response to direct encounter with GOD. “An approach to God,” is just that – a pathway, a structure, and a pattern which supports the entire process of direct encounter with GOD. 2. What language would you have used for you own spiritual journey? My personal symbolic language is that of Normative Christ
  3. Thank you for your responses. Dutch, I think you might find that we have more in common than not. The stated Principles of Progressive Christianity are virtually identical to my own approach. In fact, the main reason I am here, is that I was giving a lecture this weekend and one of the participants asked if I were a part of the Progressive Christian movement. I have been aware of the movement for some time, but after that comment I thought it might be nice to get to know some of you. Thank you, again Mani
  4. I am very happy to find this site and maybe connect with some like minded people. I am a former Fundamentalist Pentecostal Preacher who is now an Independant Apostolic Bishop. I administer a small Gnostic Universalist organization. I am actively engaged in a few different interreligious organizations in the town in which I live. I have returned to school to pursue my Graduate studies in History, and I teach Martial Arts. Those are the basics . I look forward to getting to know you. Thank you Mani
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