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By Joseph Mattioli

Guilt is an invisible pattern of the mind whether it is in the conscious mind, unconscious mind or both. It is present in most all sentient beings in degrees that range from very slight to extreme. Depending upon its intensity, guilt manifests itself in a wide range of destructive tendencies that include everything from depression, errors in choice, some level of abuse to the body, suicide and everything in between. Guilt causes unconscious selection of choices which lead to suffering as a payment for the guilt and in the worst case to self destruction. These manifestations are in a sense all self-inflicted by the choice of measuring or judging others. Understanding this helps to lift ones level of consciousness to a point that one can choose the positive over the negative to eliminate the cause of this phenomena.
To break free of this invisible pattern it is necessary to realize that which triggers and sustains this pattern within ourselves. If one realizes that we are all connected to one another and all of creation, then we will note that whatever we say, think or do to another, we are doing it to self.
As we go about our daily life, we are presented with an innumerable amount of choices. When someone is speaking to us we sometimes choose to analyze their motives or we choose to entertain preconceived opinions and thoughts that may or may not be accurate. Either way it is not applicable to this moment of now. We may be unconsciously measuring them in a way that creates separateness. In fact any thoughts we have about them that are not founded in unconditional love and peace is a form of measurement or judgment. We may be holding a thought either consciously or unconsciously that they have a problem or are wrong or incorrect in their way. In effect, by our belief, we have made a law by doing so in that we have pronounced judgment on self. If we now commit even a similar act, we are guilty ourselves, we have thus pronounced judgment on self creating unconscious guilt by our perceived belief. Our unconscious attachment to this guilt then attracts the accompanying patterns of manifestations of suffering and afflictions.
Most of us remain consciously unaware of the connection of events and resulting cycle of manifestations of this cycle of guilt that was brought on by our choice to judge or measure another. One must at all times choose unconditional forgiveness and love for all of creation including ourselves. How all this self inflicted suffering came about may be described differently by our choice of belief but the net effect is that it is self-inflicted and requires choosing the positive over the negative to break its cycle. Some call it karma and some sowing and reaping. All may have a slightly different perception or understanding of its workings. Either way, all thoughts and actions, whether one believes or not, creates patterns whether positive or negative. It is these patterns that manifest as degrees of pain and suffering or degrees of love and peace. Guilt is False and destructive and is not a necessary virtue to correct errors in judgments. Whereas, wisdom, understanding and increased awareness will suffice.

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