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  1. I'd have to say that it would be the importance of practicing humility (or at least attempting to). It is sometimes one of the hardest things to do, especially when I'm feeling righteous indignation. Jaia
  2. All Saints Day (and Day of the Dead) is coming up. Does this day have meaning to you? If so, how? How do you celebrate it? Jaia
  3. I especially like the Mormon missionary boys that they send to our town. They always offer to help when they walk by and see me trying to carry something heavy from the car. I live across the street from JWs and next door to Mormons. It is funny because neither ever try to proselytize to the neighbors. They must have some code that neighbors are off limits. Jaia
  4. Hi, I'm new here and still figuring out where everything is. There was a topic I was reading that referred to "resources and links." Where is that? Thanks! Jaia
  5. I've found that a regular practice of expressing gratitude leads to a more positive outlook on life in general. And when everything seems like it is falling apart, it is easier to remember to be grateful for the good things when I am regularly conscious of being thankful.
  6. It might be a little late, but my experience with some of the ELCA Lutheran churches has been positive. Some are very liberal. They are all over the board, so it depends on the individual congregation. Jaia
  7. Greetings! I am here because I was searching high and low for a forum of Christians that aren't all fundamentalists. I've joined several message boards lately only to be mocked for beliefs that I thought were fairly moderate, but evidently are very liberal to some people. One example is whether a woman can be a minister. To me, all the arguments have been made over and over. I just want to start on a level that doesn't require me to justify my very existence as someone that is allowed to speak because of my anatomy. I know I'm sounding sarcastic, but it is truly mind-boggling. I was very glad to find this forum. Jaia
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