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  1. What a marvelous and well thought out reflection! The Progressive Christianity Forum seems particularly wonderful this Christmas, or is it me? I don't post often (I either accidentally erase my well thought out words or reflect and decide they are not as expressive as they were tumbling from mind to computer) but I read all posts.
  2. Great way to put it. I find that certain authors can put into words what I know intuitively but can't express. I go to morning prayer sometimes at my church and they read two Bible lessons and a contemporary lesson. John Vanier is our current contemporary author, and can that guy write! Not all lessons are as effective, but they are much better than anything that I could think or write. Kay
  3. I think of Progressive Christianity as a place to have my spiritual questions answered and/or asked. Religion seems to need celebration and intellectual pursuit. My home church provides liturgy and community. I just need more intellectual persuit which this Forum does so well. Kay
  4. Another really good stages in faith development is by some Emory Professor James Fowler who worked out a very erudite academic 6 stages in faith development. I have read his book in the past and used to love to have spiritual discussions with people about faith development.I have forgotten the stages and criteria, however, so I will tell you about my Bible and Scott M Peck's 4 stages. You don't hear about Peck nowadays unless you are somewhat spiritually inclined(sermon at my church yesterday!), but Peck wrote a book The Road Less Traveled which was a best seller in the late 70'. Peck an un-churched psychiatrist reinterpreted Fowler's work into 4 stages which are much more easily worked with. Stage I is children and other immature people. Stage II are most of the people you find in churches today. Stage III is seekers into religious and spiritual matters and real atheists. Stage IV is the saints, MLK Jr., Ghandi,etc., really spiritually advanced people. Most of the time I am a Stage II and I strive to be a stage III like so many of the people on this forum are I feel. I drift from stage to stage sometimes in the same minute. Peck as well as Sam Keen are my idols. Phyllis Tickle is another one. She was at that Wild Goose Seminar. Also a friend of mine Carl Mc Coleman was there. I plan to go next year. By then I will be talking about Tillich and other deep theologians with understanding to some while observing the true saints in this Emerging Church or Progressive Christianity or whatever is developing. Kay
  5. Just watched the Wild Goose video. I am very familiar with Phyllis Tickle as I heard her speak at the Decatur Georgia Book Festival several years ago. I bought her autobiography which I have read innumerable times. Last year at church I did the "Living the Question" series. It was wonderful and is in the same vein as the Wild Goose seminar. I want to encourage people to do it since I got so much out of it. There is so much out there that gives me hope that we will either succeed in changing the world despite global warming, etc or we will go down fighting the good fight! Since I am 59 it will probably be after my lifetime. Kay
  6. A quick click to Wikipedia gives a provocative view of this former Bishop of the Scottish Episcopal church who is now described as a "gentle atheist". I guess he is being compared to some of the strident atheists like Hitchens, Dawkins, etc. I am fascinated by the former fundamentalist/literalist people who entirely loose their faith or have a more progressive faith. It sounds like Holloway completely lost his. I am investigating another former theologian,present free thinker/trapeze artist Sam Keen. He is also an atheist but he is married to a Congregational minister. I noticed his Wikipedia entry was incomplete, so I have decided to do this.So many books, not enough time. Kay Editted for broken link
  7. kayatl

    Sam Keen

    Back in the 70's, Sam Keen's "To a Dancing God" was quite the popular book, in Episcopal circles at least. On a whim(insomnia) I looked the guy up, and was quite surprised at his evolution as a former: theologian, contributing editor of Psychology Today, spokesman for the mens' sensitivity movement, atheist, and current birder, trapeze artist , and Mr. Reverend! He was born in the South into a Scottish Presbyterian family, went to Harvard Divinity School, received his PHD from Princeton, and played the professor game for 20 or so years at Presbyterian Theological Seminary and other esteemed institutions. Meanwhile he married a "pagan" named Heather, had three children, and divorced. Every new phase in his life caused him to write a book. His entry in Wikipedia was pretty sketchy so I have decided to add to it while improving my research and writing skills.I went to the nearest theology library which has all sorts of stuff. Anyone read any Sam Keen?
  8. What a wonderful story and what a testament to the incredible resilience of the human spirit! It is a real spirit-lifter to see a story like this in all the garbage that substitutes for news, especially in the USA Kay
  9. All right, GeorgeW. I look forward to working with you Kay
  10. Kath, I started thinking of all the people I miss from the old Forum, especially Judith but also Kelly and so many others. Some of the gang has continued, but for the most part Progressive Christianity is a whole different experience. I wrote Judith an e-mail telling her how great it was to hear from her.She appreciated being acknowledged, but it seems like she has decided not to participate further. This is, for better or worse, a Christian Forum.When it gets too "Christian" for me, I go to Sam Harris's website, and forum. Some very interesting stuff. Kay
  11. I find reincarnation an interesting topic, to a point. I also put near death experiences and the whole topic of afterlife/heaven in this category. All we have is individual reports, no double blind studies or other scientific foll-de-rol to prove scientifically anything about these subjects. I cannot deny the great changes in a person's life after a NDE which have eloquently described by Tausch.After working for three years as an RN in an inpatient hospice, I never experienced the angels, spirits, etc that some of my colleagues reported. I am a Christian of Spong's ilk though I read widely. I doubt if we could ethically have such studies so I am going to put these topics in a black box for subjects we cannot thorougly explain now. I have also put two other topics in that black box, comparisons between mind and quantum mechanics and the possibility of computers taking over mankind. I have read many books about quantum mechanics but my recent(and continuing)read "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" by Gary Zukav gives me a glimmer of a hope that I can grasp the main tenents of quantum mechanics. Drawing a connection between mind/consciousness(which deserve a black box of their own) and quantum mechanics with its need for either fancy equipment or some of the most complicated mind games to even demonstrate is just too much for my feeble brain to grasp. Michio' Kaku's "Physics of the Future" which makes many incredible predictions thru the year 2100 just about squashes the idea of computers taking over mankind, but he goes over many possible inventions that mankind may see. That is if we don't blow one another to smithereens in the interim! Kay
  12. Of course he should have, going by the shaky statements you'all are quoting. You will forgive my cynicism as I have just finished a personal study of Crossan's books about Jesus and Paul as well as a group study of "The Evolution of God" by Robert Wright. Looking at one statement "love your enemy" and spouting off about OBL is almost as silly as asking "Are you born again?" and expecting an intelligent conversation. After an exhaustive(for me) study about the historical vs the post resurrection Jesus and Saint Paul, I am humbled by the number of unread books people suggested I read. I think I can confidently say that ascribing the "love your enemy" to Jesus is about as historically dangerous as basing your faith in Jesus on the "born again" story of Nicodemious or however you spell his name. PS I am delighted that OBL is dead. Kay
  13. May I add Gandhi to this list? I think Mother Theresa might belong, though it is a shame Christopher Hitchens trashed her name so vehemently. Double irony that I admire Hitch as a writer and intellect and he is now dying of cancer, planning to die an atheist though he is not angry at the Christians praying for him, just amused. By the way, GeorgeW, could we meet at Ebineezer this Sunday? I am always interested in meeting fellow Spongites, though perhaps we have already met at Spong's last appearance in Atlanta? Anyways, I could attend Ebineezer this Sunday, May 1st. I have never been to that church. Email me c/o IP board/Spong Forum if you would like to meet up.
  14. Yes, Spong emphasizes that Jesus was a human just like us but born in an earlier time. Something about this human caused a transformation which, with the help of Paul, the Roman empire, and Constantine became the greatest(!!??)religion. Our views of Jesus are so distorted that I don't think we can even discern if he was a sinner or not.I have done lots of reading and I think I am more confused about this man called Jesus than ever. Kay
  15. I laughed when I saw the reference to Perennial Philosophy. My Spiritual Book Group just bailed out on the book because we found it so dull and impossible to read. We just spent almost 6 months on"The Evolution of God" by Robert Wright so maybe we needed something lighter. We meet weekly which is a lot for a reading group but our discussions are wonderful because we are a bunch of very savy and smart women who love to read. Perennial Philosophy had fabulous reviews so I will give it another try. Kay
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