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  1. Hello, and welcome! I'll be looking for your posts and discussions.
  2. Welcome! You certainly sound like you have a great pool of experience and knowledge to draw from. I really look forward to your posts and discussions.
  3. Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I last posted on the site, mainly because I have been really busy with doctor appointments and diagnostic tests at hospitals. Since December 2010, I have been having severe chronic pain as a result of progressing major scoliosis causes degenerative changes in my back. Since then, I haven't been able to work or go to school, and my life has basically become a full time job of just trying to feel better and do whatever I can to get well or relieve some of my chronic pain. I just saw my surgeon and had a weird test done called a myelogram, where they put this dye in your spinal canal and tilt you around while taking x-rays. It was sort of painful, but all the hospital aides and nurses were super nice. The only problem now is that I feel like a complete wreck as my regular pain is flared up from all the moving around, and I am having some normal side effects that cause weird pain. Anyhow, my main reason for posting I guess, is just to vent to an extent--and to say that I still am here on the site. Oh, and I just had some nasty flu bug too--and that didn't help one bit! Hope you're all feeling well and having a good year so far.
  4. I was confused as well, glad to see it up again so fast. I assumed the worst by nature.
  5. Wow, now THAT is a crayfish. O__O I think I'll stick to eggnog.
  6. Sorry for the late welcome, but I'm glad to see someone else new here!
  7. I saw this yesterday and thought it was really great. Bravo to those girls for standing up for what they believe in, and for showing that the Christian community is not just a bunch of Rick Perry clones! I hope one day to see more people accept homosexuality and gay rights, and perhaps even have more groups see it as a Christian stance to support those rights.
  8. Aww, she's cute. I guess you're right though, that the only thing you could really do would be to have it as an ornamental type bird. Her behavior might adjust over time so that maybe she can be let out a bit too, though I know nothing about chickens. lol!
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, NORM. I'll have to take a look at that book, because it sounds petty interesting. It's obviously helpful even if one does take Judaism as a foundation of their religion, since a better understanding of the foundation helps the whole. Either way, I'm interested in the Talmud from a secular aspect anyhow, so it'd be worth it to get a better understanding of the text.
  10. Thanks a lot for replying and sharing. What you described about yourself is similar to what I did. After I was rejected and felt that Christianity was just a tool for people to use over others, I tried to remove it from my life completely. I was young at the time, so I explored other religions in terms of reading about them and their beliefs. None of them made sense to me, though I respect them all, none of them 'fit'. I still felt drawn to Christianity, and so I that's when I knew I had to just follow my own heart and not worry about whether or not my beliefs fit into a specific denomination or theological perspective. Like I said, I'm still growing in my beliefs, but I still feel like I am more complete and honest with myself now. I'm not on either extreme anymore, not a self-hating Christian or a strident atheist. I identified as agnostic for a long while, but I feel comfortable calling myself a Christian now. My definition of the term just happens to be a bit different than others', I suppose.
  11. That's a good point. Perhaps it is similar to what Jenell said about the burning bush always being there, and Moses only deciding to find it after many years. It's an interesting thing to think about. When you look for something, you tend not to find what you were expecting...and when you don't expect anything, sometimes you find the extraordinary. Also, Jenell, I can understand how your situation would create such a unique view and make it somewhat difficult for you to truly know the situation of having to believe on faith alone. It reminds me of doubting Thomas when Jesus appeared to him. So perhaps in that sense, you didn't cheat at all, God just chose to appear to you for a specific reason. So I wouldn't feel bad about that, though I can totally understand the difficulty in trying to relate to that concept since you've actually experienced it.
  12. Thanks, and you're welcome Mike. Thanks to everyone else for the warm welcome! So far I've had a great introduction to the site, thanks to you all! To Jenell, I am really sorry to hear about your cat. Since I got older and got my 'own' cats, I keep mine inside because we live too close to a road. I live in a rural area, but that means that the road in front of our house is full of kids in pick up trucks going 70. My neighbor's cats are either so dumb or so brave that they actually lie on the road in the middle of the evening because of how warm it still is! They've been lucky so far, so I hope they stay that way. I also hope that whatever is getting kitties in your area finds a better source of food than domesticated animals! Anyhow, I don't want to sound like too much of a crazy old cat lady, so I'll just say thanks again!
  13. Howdy everyone! My name's Patrick, and I just recently joined. I actually posted already in a separate thread about trying to find a good study bible here. I finished up my profile since then, so you can read that for a bit more detail on me. Basically, I joined the forums because I am a liberal Christian who doesn't quite fit any specific denomination. I live in a small town, so I don't practice my faith with a community. I just study by myself, though I express my beliefs and opinions to my friends and family--I don't actually worship in an organized way. I'm particularly interested in history and politics, and the historical context of the Bible interests me the most. My beliefs are a constantly evolving thing, but in general I take a blended approach to Jesus and the Bible. So yeah, that's me! I'm pretty average and live with my dad, boyfriend, and a bunch of cats! I'm hoping to learn a lot from everyone, and hope I can contribute in some way.
  14. Thanks again everyone, I'll be looking into these suggestions! The online downloads from Yale are awesome too! But yeah, I'm not really looking for the 'inspirational' or topical form of study Bible. I agree that those are of little help to most people, since it is far easier to splice up whatever you want to mean whatever you choose. I always think of it from this angle: If I had a child, what would I want them to learn or know? I'd want them to know the entirety of whatever knowledge we have available, and the context and history of the text. I wouldn't want them to just look at a color coded book and memorize quotes, blindly thinking that somehow that is the entirety of the Bible. Back to the reason I want a study Bible though, I just like to have some facts and context readily available as I read. For instance, the NIV I do have is nice because it lists things like archeological evidence or geographical information. Much of it is actually true, and gives context to the text, so I really enjoy that. However, there is just so much information that it tends to overlap with the theological viewpoints of the writers, and when it gets to that point I'd rather just read online and dissect the various subjects myself.
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