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  1. Hi, Still relatively new to the board. I have been struggling with intimate relationships in my life for as long as I can remember. I have bipolar 1 disorder and codependency issues. Recently, a friend of mine and I started a relationship. I am what most in the Christian realm would call "born again", but I ALSO consider myself a progressive. Right now I go to an evangelical church. So, anyways, back to the friend. He doesn't believe Jesus is God; I do. He knew from the beginning that I have bipolar. I warned him that I also have codependency issues. I am in counseling, 12 step meetings, and a support group for my bipolar. After a huge confrontation Friday night, he and I decided to take a two week break. People at my church have heard from me that it is sexual and have told me I am fornicating and that God doesn't want me to be with an "unbeliever". I spent most of today's service crying and came home to write a letter to him. Called him, read it to him over the phone to break it off and then we got to talking about how maybe we could make things work if we stuck with the two week break. I am confused. Don't know if my desire to possibly reconcile is God or codependency. And I don't want to feel guilty over religious differences. Any advice would be most helpful. Carrie
  2. Hi, my name is Carrie. I have some experience with the progressive Christian movement, although currently I am attending an evangelical, nondenominational fellowship. My problem is I can't find a progressive church in St. Louis that has a decent sized fellowship and embraces contemporary worship. I do NOT agree with my church's stance on homosexuality or abortion, nor do I feel the same way they do about sexual relations. I believe the gospel should be demonstrated through our actions towards strangers and our brothers and sisters in Christ (as well as the whole world, for that matter. After all isn't that why Jesus died?) So if anyone knows of a good, "evangelical" progressive church in St. Louis let me know. Thanks.
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