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  1. Since Jesus tells us to "LOVE our enemies," I can't for the life of me see what justifies killing anyone, especially our enemies. Many Christians today don't want to follow Christ. Imo. They just want to go to heaven, but on their own terms. When war is fought in American soil, then Americans won't be celebrating death anymore. And maybe then the Christians will take Jesus seriously.. Blessings, brian
  2. Deleted Redundant quoted post from last post...JM Hi Juanster, As I see it, the Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us to Love our enemies, not kill them. I am amazed at how many "believers" are not following Jesus in this regard.. Blessings, brian
  3. I kind of see things the same way-- that Jesus died to achieve something for us that we couldn't obtain on our own. As if Adam put a wall between man and God, and Jesus "flung" humanity over the wall again. Blessings, brian
  4. Some very interesting thoughts, Dave. I'm reading a bit of the pdf excerpt, and I have to say that I agree 110% that people interpret verses based on their own expectations. The symbology of Jesus with a sword coming out of His mouth should make us think of something symbolic. But I think many Americans don't like or don't understand symbology. They want things clear-cut, literal, logical, easy-to-follow. Things that are symbolic require "work" and "reflection" and "meditation." Things that are very valuable traits, certainly to be cultivated, I'm sure you'd agree. (The rapture theology is similar: no need to reflect or meditate on the scriptures, just take it all at face value: and so now we have lots and lots of people who are expecting Jesus to fly down on a cloud out of the sky.) This type of "symbolic illiteracy" speaks volumes about Americans and how they think (or don't think). (My apologies if this is getting off-topic; I think the book of Revelation is only a clear as the minds of those who read it. It's a serious issue, imo.) Blessings, brian
  5. I posted this thread in another forum, and thought it'd be good to hear opinions from you guys here, too. (it's been a while!) I knew a lady in my town who ran a shop of natural products: creams, soaps, etc. One day, I stopped to have coffee in a cafe and she happened to stop in for coffee, too. We said hi and chatted for a few minutes, and then I said goodbye and headed off to catch the train. The next day I found out that she hanged herself. She was found by her son who went to the shop to see why she hadn't come home, and found her there. There are a lot of people suffering in the world. Religion often isn't enough. She certainly had grown up a Catholic (I live in Italy), and she certainly knew the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. But sometimes people aren't "reached" by religion. What people need is to be reached by other people. Here's a beautiful song I discovered years ago, but still touches me deep down, that talks about the suffering in the world: Lyrics can be viewed here....... The Dream Academy - This World Edited JosephM(Moderator) Removed complete lyrics as copyrighted material and inserted link to external site instead. See our copyrighted material policy under the pinned News section. Blessings! brian
  6. I like the notion of "false self" and "real self." I would call them "devil" and "Christ." But I think we're perhaps talking about the same thing.. I hope all goes well with your eyes! Rest up, then let us know if all is ok! Blessings! Brian
  7. I suppose if any works, such as the Gospel of Thomas, or the Purpose-Driven Life, or others, were to be added, it would have some type of criteria to indicate its "validity." What criteria would have to be met? Were the works based on personal revelation of some kind? Did they declare something in particular which other "traditional" works would confirm? Perhaps the only place in the NT where Paul mentions "testing oneself to see if you are in the faith" is in 2 Cor. 13: if you recognize that Jesus Christ is in you. IMO, any works which declare this may be a good sign of being "God-inspired." This, in part, also because 1 John 4 tells us that those who recognize that Jesus is (not has) come in the flesh (that is, their own flesh) is of God. To me, this is real spiritual depth. Many people will acknowledge that Jesus Christ has come as a person, 2,000 years ago. But how many people will tell you that they know Him in their hearts?? To me, THIS presence in our hearts is the "second coming" that everybody expects to happen in the future, and that's why they are deceived. They don't see God in themselves! Other opinions? How would you distinguish "true" writings from "false" testimonies? Blessings! Brian
  8. Hi tariki! I'd love to pursue this discussion further; can you explain yourself a little more? Blessings, Brian
  9. Agreed! God is alive, and so are we.. and He gives us life and teaching, and when we are willing to listen, we move ahead faster! Indeed, there seem to be a whole lot of assumptions about the Bible which are written nowhere! Such as, the scriptures are perfect and without error (including the thousands of translations we have!), that the scriptures were intended for ALL people to read, and not just letters to specific people; or that NO other writings would be given later.... Incredible!! Christendom "assumes" so much, it's astounding! Blessings to you both! Brian
  10. Imo, no. And I think that many times, it's our doctrines that are to blame. Blessings! Brian
  11. Hi rivanna, Well, for simplicity's sake, let's keep it to what you mentioned first: a form of relationship (which includes elements of relationship just like a relationship between people: love, anger, trust, understanding, respect..) as opposed to "attainment" of some type of spiritual growth/understanding. I agree with you, that repentance is about a change of mind/direction, and has little to do with asking forgiveness. In fact, you won't find the word "apologize" in the NT, nor were the disciples telling people that they had to ask forgiveness for their sins. (Perhaps because they believed that their sins had ALREADY been forgiven??) For them, it seems that their message was, "change your way of thinking." So already we see that what Christendom is peddling for Christianity today is not in line with what the early church believed. (Another example? NO mention of "hell!!") So there are indeed things that the "church" teaches as "biblical" when in fact they are pre-fabricated myths. Blessings! brian
  12. Hi Joseph, thank you for the post; I whole-heartedly agree with the notion that the word "God" has been misused. I dare say that Christianity has to a greater or lesser degree helped to keep mankind in darkness regarding spiritual things.. After all, it actually became a "state religion!" As per the guilt issue, thank you again for the input regarding Buddhism. I'd love to hear other perspectives too.. I'll see if I find some info and share it here. Blessings, brian
  13. I feel it is important to specify, however, that the innate sense of shame/guilt, if it truly exists, has been exploited by the Church for the last 2,000 years. In fact, it is precisely our most sensitive parts which some feel a liberty to take in their hands and beat us over the head with. And that is not Christ-like at all. Jesus never went around telling people that they're going to hell, or that they are filthy. Even the sense of being "unclean" was not necessarily always a bad thing, seeing that the disciples ate with UNwashed hands, and Jesus defended them. The broken and poor in spirit were always cared for by Jesus; the Church wants to lord over everyone and their inner shame/guilt, and they even want money for it!! So what I am saying, is that this innate shame/guilt is not "bad" or to be used to beat people over the head with. It's simply a consideration of how God made us, and why we need Him. It's a very intimate subject, and also very precious. See what I'm getting at? Blessings! brian
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