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The Project For A New American Century

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A reminder about "the powers that be" that are behind all of the fiascos which George Jr. and company have gotten us engaged in over the past few years...


1. www.PNAC.InfoExposing the Project for the New American Century

An effort to investigate, analyze, and expose the Project for the New American Century, and its plan for a "unipolar" world..... www.pnac.info


2. The Plan:Were Neo-Conservatives’ 1998 Memos a Blueprint for Iraq War?


ABC News


March 10 — Years before George W. Bush entered the White House, and years before the Sept. 11 attacks set the direction of his presidency, a group of influential neo-conservatives hatched a plan to get Saddam Hussein out of power....




The Project for a New American Empire

Who are these guys? And why do they think they can rule the world? by Duane Shank


A British magazine called them "the weird men behind George W. Bush's war." Their Project has led to countless conspiracy theories. Their principles are now the governing foreign and military policy of the Bush administration—a plan combining U.S. military forces based around the world with a doctrine of pre-emptive war and the development of new nuclear weapons.


Who are they, the creators of the "Project for the New American Century"? What is the "Project," and why is it cause for concern? The people behind it are now prominent players in the Bush administration (see "Powers That Be," at left), and some of them—most notably, Vice-President Richard Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld—are household names. And their plan is for nothing less than securing U.S. global domination for decades to come—and that's according to their own testimony.


The roots of the Project—both ideological and the people identified with it—are in the Reagan administration. Combining an aggressive foreign policy with a then-unprecedented military buildup, they helped lead the invasions of Panama and Grenada, counter-insurgency wars in Central America, the Cold War showdown with the Soviet Union, and the arming of Iraq as a counter to radical Islamists in Iran.


In 1989, the Soviet Union finally imploded—and with it ended the bipolar world that had existed since World War II. The United States remained as the lone superpower. Neoconservative intellectuals, inside and outside the administration of George Bush I, began plotting how to continue that situation into the future.


After the first Gulf war, Paul Wolfowitz, then undersecretary of defense for policy, drafted a defense planning document that laid out the core ideas of what was to become the Project for the New American Century's vision. It was a strategy of maintaining and strengthening unchallenged U.S. military superiority against a potential future superpower rival and against unrest around the world, through pre-emption rather than containment and unilateral military action rather than multilateral internationalism. Bush Sr. administration officials rejected it as too radical..........


.............But there is an alternative to empire and endless war. The plan of the Project for the New American Century must be countered with a vision that insists militarization and pre-emptive war is not the path to real security. We must advance the vision of a world where international institutions are strengthened rather than destroyed, where global poverty is seriously addressed, where all countries, including the United States, are disarming their weapons of mass destruction, and where human rights are taken seriously. People of faith and goodwill in this country and around the world stood up by the millions to oppose the war against Iraq. We must now continue that opposition—through doing justice, loving compassion, and walking with God in the struggle.


Duane Shank is issues and policy adviser for Sojourners.



in Pax Christi,

not pax Americana,



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Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition


By H. N. Arendt

Online Journal Contributing Writer


May 17, 2004—Four years after a judicial coup d'état, torture photos show an America that has sunk to medieval levels of depravity. Meanwhile the corporate media either refuses to get to the heart of the matter or actually makes excuses for the bums in the White House who have ruined America.


The truth the mainstream media cannot acknowledge (because they are complicit in creating it) is that, as a nation, we have become religiously insane. The correct historical analogy is not Vietnam or Nazi Germany, and not even the Crusades (because the Muslims had better tech than the Christians then.) The correct historical analogy is Catholic Spain in the full flush of intolerance, awash in American treasure, with its long-fought Moorish foe finally kicked out of Europe, and its long hated Jewish minority kicked out of Iberia.


Like the Catholic Hapsburgs, who thought they could conquer all of Christendom in the name of the pope and for the private profit of their royal line, America has decided it is strong enough and rich enough and righteous enough to conquer the planet in the name of Pat Robertson for the private profit of the Carlyle Group.


Like the Spanish, who enriched themselves by looting New World gold and silver, America has decided to help itself to Middle East oil, black gold. As the militarily and technologically superior Spanish enslaved the native American peoples and extirpated their religion and culture, America has rushed to privatize, "democratize", and crony-ize Iraq; and they have sent in fundamentalist "missionaries" to convert these "heathens". And, now, we are seeing the dark side of evangelism.


As the Spanish mercilessly used the Inquisition against everyone they declared heretic, Americans mercilessly torture anyone we declare to be a "terrorist". Same witchhunt, same sadists, different name for the victims. Ashrcroft's TIPS and Poindexter's TIA are just high-tech versions of the denunciations, thought crimes, and demonization of "otherness" that wracked Europe for 400 years.



......In the end, America is going out like a Monty Python skit. Despite the evidence of torture, murder, constitutional evisceration, aggressive warfare, and so forth, America still doesn't expect the Spanish Inquisition. That's why we're going to get it. And, unlike the skit, America will not get the comfy chair.


For full article see:


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My wife and I (we just got married) are reading The Powers that Be by Walter Wink together right now as our devotional book... and his message is really clicking with us...


Oh hey...

I heard that John Kerry may be bringing Hillary Clinton on as potential vice president... have any of you heard about this at all? If so, let me know.


I think we need to start having female presidents, but female vps would be a start... what do you think?

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I've heard that Sen. Joe Biden is trying hard to get Sen. John McCain (Republican) to agree to serve as VP with Kerry. IMO, this would help unite our extremely polarized country as nothing else could. It would also help bring in more Republican voters.


I do wish we could have more female presidents and vps, however, I frankly don't think Hillary has much of a chance. There are simply way too many people who can't stand Bill Clinton (or anything associated with him); i.e. they wouldn't be voting for the Republican challenger, they'd be voting against Bill.


The only way that it might work out is if Hillary divorces Bill before running, but some would still oppose her as 1) they'd say she got divorced out of political convenience and 2) there are many conservatives who oppose divorce all together (they may even be divorced themselves, but they don't want to see this in a national leader. Perhaps if Bill were to die of natural causes or in an accident, she'd have a chance, but even then, some would claim that his death was another "slick Willie scheme."

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I have known about this group for a while now and it is really quit frightening. I can’t imagine a group more willing to compromise the safety and well-being of the world than this organization. What is truly alarming is the fact they some of the most powerful and influential members of the Presidents staff belong to this group. We can only hope that people have since enough to realize that without restraint and without compromise the world cannot truly know what peace is. It will take a great deal more than simply economic sanctions and nuclear weapons to press the world into a more democratic mood. We as a people will have to show that to be democratic is really the best option. I think the world today does not see a superpower that wants to help and lift up others. I think the world today see’s this country as exactly what ‘The Project’ is, a group of wealthy white’s who are hell bent on taking over no matter the cost. God help us if their plans should ever come to fruition.

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