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The Jesus Papers


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The Barnes & Noble here has a strong promotion for the book.



Hi Ted,


Sorry to be so long replying to your question( :How's the book".) Well...in a word,



I found myself shaking my head "yes" quite often. The author seems to be able to write things that, up till now, I've only thought about writing.

One of the most fasinating opinions he offers is a critique of the members of The Jesus Seminar. He says that they are still trying to jusify belief in a historic Jesus.

I agree with him on that....either you believe that Jesus was a real person in history, or you don't...you can't have it both ways.

What do you think about that premise?






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How is the book helpful? Tell me about it.


I have not quite finished the book but am finding it fascinating. He has filled in the life of Jesus and provides a very plausible argument for Jesus having been raised in Egypt in the traditions of the more mystical Jewish community there. From my reading years ago, I understood that Jesus was raised in Nazareth but was later significantly influenced by the Essenes in Qumran. However, "The Jesus Papers" makes is fairly clear that his teachings flowed from the Egyptian community. The book is not a easy read but is very engaging.

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