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Funeral Conflict Leads To Arrests ...


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Funeral conflict leads to arrests

Associated Press


SEAFORD, Del. - Five people face criminal charges after a weekend confrontation with members of a Kansas church that pickets military funerals and believes U.S. casualties in Iraq are God's retribution for America's embrace of homosexuality, authorities said Monday.


Members of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka gathered in Seaford on Sunday for a protest in conjunction with the funeral of Marine Cpl. Cory Palmer, a local resident who died earlier this month from injuries suffered in Iraq.


The church members were met by a crowd of about 1,000 angry counter-demonstrators shouting "USA! USA!" as well as various taunts and obscenities.




Church members plan to return to Seaford on Wednesday to picket the funeral of Marine Lance Cpl. Richard James, a 20-year-old Seaford native who was killed in Iraq on May 13.


At an afternoon news conference Monday, city officials said they would issue a permit allowing the Westboro group to hold a 45-minute demonstration at a local park before James' noon funeral at First Baptist Church.


City Manager Dolores Slatcher also read a brief statement in which James' parents urged local residents not to stage another counterdemonstration against the Westboro group's "effort to defame our son's memory."


"By showing them attention we would be playing into their game plan," read the one-paragraph statement signed by Jake and Carol James. "We would prefer that you honor Rick in prayer and silent vigil."


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I'm torn about the actions of the counter-demonstrators. On the one hand I understand their loathing of Westboro's activities. On the other hand, I agree with Richard James parents not to stoop to their level, not to play into their game plan.



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Topeka rings a bell with me. Aren't these the same people that staged quasi-violent demonstrations at abortion clinics around the US a few years ago when that seemed the thing for right wing demonstrators to do?


I agree with their right to demonstrate against the war, but I don't get the homosexual side of this. Tolerating is not embracing. But then I get all tangled up anyhow when I try to determine just what motivates these people to do what they do. G-d's retribution ?


Sheesh... they've been watching televangelists way too much !


flow.... :blink:

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