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Hi, all! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chad, I'm 23 years old, and somewhat eclectic in my religious beliefs. If you'd like details, feel free to ask, or perhaps I'll divulge more later when I have some time and get to know people better.


My deal is this: I'm a recent college graduate who still lives with his family of strict Southern Baptists. I do not feel I can stay at that church much longer, as the older and wiser I get, the less I can tolerate dogma. I think I may start looking for a church different from that of my parents. I'm a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Larger Fellowship(parents don't know), but I can't go to a 'brick and mortar' UU church because (a) living with my parents would be intolerable if I went to a church that was *that* liberal, and ( b ) I don't leave near one anyways. So I'm looking for a church that is not necessarily as liberal as UU, but not as fundamentalist as Southern Baptist - a kind of 'happy medium' where I can still get spiritually fed until I move out on my own (I live in NC, and next year I'm moving to Chicago). My question is: what are some of the more liberal Christian denominations? I'm having a hard time finding info about that. I know there's United Church of Christ, but the nearest one is a large distance away.

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It depends on just how "knowledgeable" or savvy your folks are as to whether they would necessarily be "fooled" by such things. I have the same problem with my sister. She does know (I think) about UCC but not about Congregationalists. It is easier from me to pretend with her, I don't like it, but my life is definitely easier than consistently being "witnessed to".


The UCC is just about as liberal (certain members at least) as the UU, otoh, some are quite conservative. The same thing can be said for just about any other more or less liberal/progressive church--with some individual churches being more liberal and some more conservative. Other possibilities might be Episcopal, United Methodist, Certain Lutherans (ECLA particularly), Presbyterian USA, etc. My sister would ask what "branch of Presbyterian" say but your parents might not. It's the people that make up the church, so if the group is one you like to be with, then you might find a happy match, even if they might not be entirely suited to your theology. OTOH, it might be uncomfortable, however fine the folks to be in a group's theology is way out of sync with yours.




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I think there is also a denomination called Christian Church(Disciple of Christ) that are relatively liberal.



Yes to all of the above! Personally, I can speak for the UU's and the ELCA Lutherans.


As for the Presbyterians, make that PCUSA., or Presbyterian Church of the United States of America. The other Presbys are way too conservative--witness D. James Kennedy and his crowd of Calvinist/Dominion theology folks. :o Luth

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