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If by feminism you mean women should demand to be totally equal in every aspect, for example, equal responsibility in doing national service, equal number hours of house work done at home or equal number of women in any profession. I think it will be a very long time before that will be the case.


I make my case not from a sexist or fundamental Christian point of view. I speak from a point a view that from our evolutionary past, the male and the female of the human specie have evolved in such a way that it was advantageous to have a division of labour.


Through natural selection, man and woman have inherited certain traits that were essential to the survival of the whole specie. For over a million years of evolution, homo sapiens and its direct ancestors have been hunting and gathering creatures. The female of the specie did the gathering and the male doing the hunting. That division of labour allowed the male to hunt all year around while the female can carry the baby in gestation and still gather food.


It is probably no accident that most women like to shop particular at sales (which is a form of judicious gathering) and most men like to drive fast car and like mechanical objects that have high performance (competition and the hunt).


If you can accept that there are inborn preferences to explain those generalization about man and woman and those are more than just early childhood gender programming, then you have to also accept that certain behaviors are evolutionary ‘unnatural” for man and woman to have.


The changing role of the female has been a relatively recent phenomenon. Maybe in time, only men that treat women properly can reproduce thereby causing a natural selection for the gentle and warm (eager to do home chores) male. But genetic traits take a very long time to alter.


It is not to say that an equally qualified woman should not be given the same opportunity as her male counterpart. What I think is important to recognize is that there are real genetic predisposition differences between men and woman.

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I guess I take the position that Christianity was originally very egalitarian in regard to sex and gender roles - indeed, Mary Magdalene was the very first preacher of the Good News of the Risen Christ! ("I have seen the Lord!") Moreover, the apostle Paul mentioned several women who were clearly prominent leaders of the fledgling Christian movement.


To the extent that contemporary feministists seek to encourage us to reclaim and reaffirm this earlier way of being Church, I whole-heartedly endorse it!

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You are neither Jew or Gentile, man or woman, slave or free but are one in Jesus Christ - and that from the Church's least feminist of writers - the Apostle Paul. God made us Human. One of the things I love the most about my own church is its inclusivenss, my confessor is a woman, a Bishop of great wisdom and beauty at 80 something. I'm not a femineist - I'm a human. Men and women can, and should do all that they can in every honorable thing.

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What are the definition of :

1 - Feminism ?

2 - Biblical ?


How do you feel, what do you see , hear when thinking to "feminism" ?

How do you feel, what do you see , hear when thinking to "biblical" ?


Is there a relationship between the two words?

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Jesus had female apostles and women in his inner circle. Why shouldn't the church be any different?

It always makes me laugh when people talk about stereotypical differences between men and women as hunters and gatherers or whatever. I have seen women "gather" at store sales, and also seen them go after high-powered machines like sports cars or pickups or mitre saws. I have seen men drive sports cars, but also seen them "gather" at flea markets or used book stores.

I have known women who hunt, literally for deer, and I took a class from a man who gathers, literally for a living. (He's an herbalist)

People are individuals with individual talents and interests. The church shuold have women and men in all aspects of membership and leadership. Each according to her or his talent and interest. If that means having a female lead pastor and a male director of christian education, then so be it.

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