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A Holy Week Thought

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Dear Friends,


Our nation and our planet are suffering currently from a refusal of people to seek reconciliation and peace at all levels from families and friendships and neighborhoods and schools and businesses and factories to religions and nations. People are becoming so attached to their ideologies or their versions of reality that they will fight tooth and nail for their ideologies and the misguiding idols or "principlaities and powers" which support all of these misguided ideologies. Whether it be Islamic Jihadists or Right Wing or Left Wing Political Fanatics or Hindu Nationalists or Christian Dominionists or Socialist Revoultionaries or Free Market Enthusiasts or Environmental Crusaders or the New Age or New Thought or Progressive Christianity or whatever, we are selling our collective soul to the power of evil which divides us and makes us intolerant or indifferent or apathetic or insensitive or angry or arrogant or ignorant or greedy. We are in big trouble. We have the ability to destroy the planet and we just might. If we don’t do that, we are destroying many lives because we are not putting love ahead of ideology or our versions of reality.


I pray that this Holy Week can be a time of spiritual transformation which will bring us to a place of healing and respect and reconciliation. As Sting said: "There is no political solution to our troubled evolution." Our ideologies are making us sick unto death. Be still. Listen to God. Hear what God is saying to our troubled planet. Hear and be healed. It's possible. It really is. Miracles happen. Healing happens. God is at work deep within all of us making all things new.

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Thank you for the post and thread. The Holy week you are talking about I hope turns into a year so we can cultivate what you are proposing. This will take sincere effort and wisdom so we can obtain a higher level of health and intelligence. Those men and women who have the higher vision need to help others and to help themselves by having their reason act by supervising what goes on in the mind with self-examination, prudent decisions and listening submissively to God’s suggestions. Your suggestions are God's, thanks.

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