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The Da Vinci Code

October's Autumn

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Yes, I read it as fast as possible I think. I couldn't put it down. It had some silly plot devices, and by gosh you'd think a cryptographer could read mirror writing! And the silly chases, and all that. But you know I didn't care much, still loved it.


As for the ideas, I think they were interesting. I don't buy the whole thing, but you know I think many of us yearn for the feminine to be back in religion.



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I like the idea of the feminine returning to the divine but I suspect it will take some generations. I'm not sure I can undo the idea of God being male no matter how much my intellect recognizes that God does not have a ######! I continue to try, though.


Yes, some silly plot devices and I read everything with a bit of skeptism, but I also enjoyed it despite those things.


I was very intrigued by the injection of history into the story. I liked the tidbits about things like the pentacle, etc. Now I just want to know which of it is true and which is maybe true. I suspect that everything that is able to be proven (ie the pentancle) is well documented -- he seemed intent on making as much of that true as possible. He even changes voice when he goes into those parts.


Of course much is a matter of conjecture. I've little doubt that Jesus was likely married at some point in his life unless he was a celibate Essene. I'm more inclined to go with married, rather or not it was true after he was 30 or he had any children is another matter. I guess I basically figure that it doesn't change what Jesus did -- being married or having children -- he was still Jesus, still did radically good things.


I have problems understanding the controversy. Especially considering it is a work of fiction. But hey, I'm guessing these are the same people who think their kid is going to become a witch if they read a Harry Potter book!

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I have often thought that the lack of any knowledge of the life of Jesus between the ages of 12 and 30 is a gift to us because it allows us to project all kinds of life experiences on to him. Maybe he was like the pilgrim of Russia who lost his wife and children and then went on to learn the ways of mysticism in the Russian Orthodox tradition. He travelled through Russia saying the Jesus Prayer over and over again with the idea that he could learn how to pray unceasingly. He met many wonderful people and had many holy experiences which he recorded in THE WAY OF THE PILGRIM. Maybe Jesus had similar life tragedies and became holy as he learned how to detach from it all. Maybe. Who knows?

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