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Wrestling Until The Dawn


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I am reading a great new book, WRESTLING UNTIL THE DAWN: THE FIGHT FOR BIBLICAL JUSTICE IN A POSTMODERN WORLD by John Preston > http://www.lulu.com/content/220347


John is a longtime friend and a colleague in the Presbytery of Utica. John "argues that reading our civic and scriptural master narratives through the lens of the church's traditional theology has not developed an effective moral witness." He says we need "to tell our character forming stories in a better way. Our current interpretation has led to a loss of community and the common good, and to the rise of an unhealthy individualism." It's his first book and I look forward to more! I was part of a "Jesus Seminar" group which helped him during the writing of the first stages of this book. I particularly like his focus on the need for what I like to call a shared and sustainable abundance. In the group we studied LIFE ABUNDANT by Sallie McFague which calls for us to radically change our understanding of abundance. McFague argues that our North American theology is quite suspect since we have not wrestled sufficiently with the huge gap between the rich and poor on our planet. John supports and develops that argument. The webpage promoting the book includes a PDF file with the Table of Contents and all of chapter 18, "At the Heart of the Anomaly". Also, some more thoughts by the author can be found at http://www.lulu.com/spiritbrookpress




This is a post on today's abundancetrek blog > http://www.abundancetrek.com/blog



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