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Hi, my name is Lily.


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Hello everyone. I'm new here so i thought it'd be nice for me to introduce myself. My name is Liliana, but most people just call me Lily for short. I'm 22 years old, and i attend my local united church every Sunday. I had a hard time with my faith for a long time, as for many years i was a lost soul that had some very bad habits... this was due to my girlfriend at the time dying in a very sad way. I completely lost all faith in God after that. I was sad. I was angry, i was so angry at God and i didn't understand why he took her from me. I turned my back on God for a very long time and i wanted nothing to do with him. Then one night she came to me in a dream and explained to me that it wasn't God's fault, that human's have free will, and she was simply young and depressed and stupid. I started slowly re-introducing myself to God and the Bible and i started attending church again. So now I'm a born again Christian & I've done my best to put my life of sin behind me.

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Welcome Lily

I presume you are in Canada... I'm in southern rural BC.

I also presume you are familiar with Gretta Vosper ... she is featured here as an author.. I have seen/heard her speak, she seems eminently sensible to me.

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Welcome to the Forum, Lily. 

I hope you enjoy reading and participating here.  There's a lot of conversation threads in the archives too of many subjects discussed.

Cheers, Paul.

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