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Reaching Out To Former Jws, Cs, Lds, Etc

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I remember reading last year about this time how in the last couple of years some Progressive Churches have began doing services at Easter time that up untill lately have always been thought of as purely Catholic..such as Ash Wensday. This is great to hear, that is, that Progressive Christian churches are started to offer services to those Progressive minded Christians who come from Catholic backgrounds. I supose Catholic is one of thee largest Judeo-Christian themed religions/faith groups. Then second largest to them I guess would be like the big Evangelical protestant groups like Southern Baptists.


I guess I can not really expect Progressive Christian churches to be equally aware of other smaller faith groups religious observances...but..it would be nice...my question is.....does Mormon have their own special celebration or tradition for or during Easter time? If so, what is it? Likewsie the same question about Christian Science. I can tell you that as one who was raised JW....they, JW's positively have their own obervance/ tradtion for Easter time. It is a very big deal to them. Infact, you could say it is their biggest one.


The JW's call it The Lord's Evening Meal...or also The Memorial and it's whole theme is focused on remembering the how Jesus gave his life for the whole world. Upon observation, I guess one might say it remembles Catholic or Protestant Communion..but the main focus is on remembering or re-telling the account of The Last Supper. It would be really cool if Progressive Christians would be ware of other smaller faith group traditions such as this and then, like with the Catholics Ash Wensday and Good Friday and Palm Sunday...if they could offer their own Progressive version or alternative to the Momorial of Christ and re-telling of this story.

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CS doesn't really practice the Lord's Supper or any kind of sacrament of communion. (In fact, there are very few rituals at all, quite an intellectual type worship service with readings from the Bible and Science and Health.) One or two services a year are termed "communion Sundays" where you kneel during the Lord's Prayer which I always found a bit confusing.


Mary Baker Eddy writes about the "breakfast" that Jesus enjoyed with his disciples after he was resurrected. This was a supposedly totally joyful affair as the bonds of sin and death were totally destroyed. Nice idea, only trouble is that that event, if it occured was never documented by anyone.






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