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I Am New Here


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I am a new member... looking for people who share the same reality based Christian view I have... been turned off by the Religous Right and their heavy handed government involvment!


I hope to learn some lessons, make some friends and maybe get a few laughs... :P




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Welcome, Jim.


Go to the cafe and find our jokes string!


Lots of wisdom here. It has been a little quiet lately but I'm sure it will pick up again soon. Maybe you can llok at some of the topics and get something going. The most recent posts are always at the top of the lists in each section.


The 8 points are a must see. Perhaps you could comment on one or more of the points in the new section set up for that purpose.


I don't work here. Really!!

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Get a fresh Progressive Christian perspective at www.thinkagainbook.com. Cutting through dogma and legalism, The Rev. Dr. Gary Cox looks at the seven fundamentals developed by fundamentalist-minded Christians 100 years ago. He then goes to the heart of Christianity - the teachings of Jesus Christ - to examine five time-honored "New...Old Fundamentals" for all Christians to share today:


1. Christians love God with heart, soul and mind.

2. Christians try to live life so that they love neighbor as self.

3. Christians have faith in the goodness of God's creation and the goodness of life.

4. Christians live lives filled with joy, because that is the mark of one who loves God, loves neighbor and has faith in the goodness of life.

5. Christians do not judge other people.


Those who follow these fundamentals are Christians.

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