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Ashes And Snow

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I visited an exibition in Santa Monica CA today and was moved to tears several times.


This artist has an integrated vision of representing origins of intelligent life, and he has done an excellent and moving job. While the exhibition itself has features of integration of sound and images that photographs can only partially display, the websiite below will give you a sampling of the subject matter.


But by all means if you are going to be in the Los Angeles area soon, do yourself and your loved ones a favor and see this marvelous thing. It's right next to the Santa Monica Pier on the north side. You can't miss it.





flow.... :rolleyes:

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AR: So good to have you back.

Yes, you are correct and the overall effect is overwhelming and humbling.


The color of the containers is a dull red reminiscent of the red ochre color that is so prevalently used in the art forms of the ancients. Also the form of the containers, stacked as they are in the framework of the structure housing the exhibit reminds us collectively that all we are, all we have been, and all we will be is contained within the boxes that we identify with living within universal time constraints. After all, shipping containers are used to send stuff from one time and place to another.


With that in mind, there is a story circulating on the web of a recently discovered 4'x5' picture on a wall in China of a dancing male and female couple that is rendered in iron oxide and human blood. Much of the picture is composed of red hand prints.


The video sequences seen in the exhibit featured many such male-female dancing depictions in differing environments; entirely submerged under water, partially submerged in rivers, etc. I viewed such depictions as a metaphor for the sexual energies that propels our journeys through time.


flow.... :)

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