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What Jesus Movie Would You Recommend?


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What would you recommend as the best progressive Jesus movie that could be rented?


The first one that comes to my mind is The Last Temptation of Christ. While some voice of fundamentalism was going off within my mind as I watched it, complaining about all the liberties it takes with the gospel story, I thought the ideas in it were interesting. The devil doesn't necessarily come as one would expect. I suspect being Jesus wasn't the confident walk that many Bible-believers imagine it to be. All's well that ends well. There were a lot of ideas. I don't know if they properly can be called progressive, but the movie is an example to me of where ideas can go if one isn't stuck in seeing the gospels as transcripts of what happened.

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The Story of Brian? :-)


ducks an runs.





awww... you stole mine! Life of Brian (my husband corrected me!)


I was thinking Last Temptation but it starts out by basically saying it has really nothing to do with the Bible (can't remember the actual disclaimer but do remember wondering what all the hoopla was about when it started out that way).


hmmm... I don't think there is a a movie out that would be a Progressive view of Jesus.

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I like "Joshua".  Quiet, sweet movie - basically a what would Jesus do if he was here now sort of thing.  It takes a while to decide if he is Jesus.  Very good.


I really liked Joshua as well. I hadn't thought of it in a while. Thanks for bringing it up. I'm going to see if blockbuster has it to rent. :)

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Hi everybody ! I'm taking a few days off near the ocean. Very restful !


The one movie that stuck me deeply as an accurate temporal exposition of the life of Jesus was, believe it or not, Ridley Scott's film, Blade Runner. Now on the face of it you have just another Sci-Fi conglomeration of images and scenes that suppose the ensuing chaotic environment in Los Angeles upon the full implementation and exploitation of the genetic manipulation of living organisms.


But this is the very era that we are all entering today whether we want to or not. Of course the fundies do not, and I believe that this deep-seated fear of the other may be at the root of all the paranoia and xenophobia out there these days when it comes to abortion law and stem cell research.


If you go to the end of the film and play the death speech of the replicant played by Rutger Hauer you get the full benefit of what I'm driving at. The speech is also replete with crucifiction symbolism. Because of my background being involved with the beginnings of genetic research at a major university, I actually found this film to be a cogent approach as to how society might deal with a new variety of the human species emerging in their midst. And, I found new aspects within my understandings concerning belief in the life of Jesus when this entirely different sort of being appeared among us.


The film is from the 80's and may prove to be one of the most prophetic ever made.


flow.... :)

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