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New, Christian-Leaning but with Reservations

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Hi.  I just joined.  I don't know much about Progressive Christianity, but I have some problems with the regular version.  I'll be reading around on the site to see if you are a group of people I can relate to.  That would be rare and wonderful.

I'm a retired woman, long ago divorced, living in the Southeastern United States.  I'm quiet and respectful but occasionally say something funny.  :) 

My interests are books, DVD movies, jigsaw puzzles, lakes and ponds and streams, music, and really a lot of things that I dabble in, not concentrating on any one of them.

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Welcome to the Forum PinkAzalea,

I hope you enjoy reviewing the site here and the very many discussion threads.

I'm not precisely sure when this forum first started (15 years ago?) but over the years many contributors and participants have come and gone, so you might find it difficult to determine who the 'you' actually is and whether 'we' are a group of people you can relate to.  But whatever the case, I hope you find the place of some value.



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