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Spiritual Evolution......


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Part of the ancient practice of yoga was the process of actually 'watching' the mind as it is 'drawn' toward the soul. The idea behind this process is, that the soul just 'naturally' draws the mind toward God. But....this can only happen as we remain 'aware' of that drawing. So maintaining awareness is the key to spiritual evolution. If we remain aware...THE PROCESS IS AUTOMATIC!



Looking foward to your thoughts on this,


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I've used this on the board before, but it was some time ago.


While having a philosophical discussion with his disciples, the Buddha was asked by them " What he was". Not " Who he was, but What he was".


The Buddha replied, "I am awake."


flow.... :)



Hi Flow.....I love Buddha's answer. And I truly believe that is exactly the problem with most of us...we are just not awake. I,ve often wondered....could it be that we are born 'fully awake' as babies,and as we grow older and time passes,maybe we fall asleep again spiritually. What do you think about that possibility?


Looking forward to your thoughts,



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I like your idea of attention and awareness. If we learn to witness and watch out minds evolve, hopefully we realize we are not what we are watching, but the witness. 




Hi Soma,


I like your idea of becoming,(and recognizing) that we ARE the witness. I think that if we could truly learn to be the witness....it would revolutinize our spiritual life.

Depak Chopra says,"The soul is comfortable with uncertainty". I'm really working on that one, because I believe that the biggest hindrance to becoming the witness, is our need to always KNOW all the answers.




Blessings to you,



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"I believe that the biggest hindrance to becoming the witness, is our need to always KNOW all the answers."


One spiritual aspirant went ot his teacher. I forget which discipline it was in, but he said master how do you know everything. The reply was "I simplify and reduce eveything down to one."


It is so easy to see the different things separated from God instead of one ocean of consciousness united in God.


Blessings to you. Your post came at the right time.

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