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Enough. No more. This area is not for discussion about whether conservatives are welcome or not, or how they should behave. That is at the moderator's discretion and it is my decision to make and my conversation (with the board of TCPC) to have.


As of right now conservatives are welcome as long as they follow the guidelines for the whichever area they are posting in. If I don't feel they are following the guidelines, I will warn or delete them. If any of you feel they are not following the guidelines, please send me a message and I will review the situation.


This is also not a place to debate whether some religions/denominations are better or worse.


Please do not email/message me to debate any of the above. As I have said many times, this is not a democracy ;)


Sorry to those of you who have felt frustrated lately. I hope we can continue all of the many fruitful discussions we have been having in this wonderful little community we have formed...

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