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God Calls Off Day Of Judgment


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Des Moines (Eternal Press) – In an early morning press conference today, God announced His intention as of 2006 not to go through with a proposed Day of Judgment. The Lord God Almighty appeared in a cornfield near Keokuk, Iowa just after dawn as a bright light, accompanied by a peaceful voice heard within the minds of a sparse group of reporters in attendance. Explaining that mechanical devices could not record Him, God stated that it was up to those who had been drawn to this event by visions and compulsions to spread this news, despite the skepticism it was bound to meet. “Those who would know Us better will do so,” He said.


God reviewed the circumstances that prompted Him to publicize His plan for a resurrection of condemnation around the time of the ministry of Jesus Christ, as if the suffering of this life is not enough. He had anticipated the need for punishment to quiet both His own sense of vengeance and that of humans He held close to Him. That has abated, however. God confided that He never had been completely happy with the idea of digging people up just to kill them again, this time excruciatingly slowly, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Of course He knew there would be another time.


“We created this universe for Ourselves as well as for you who live within it. It brought Us joy and love. It has changed Us, even recently, as parents are changed by children. Those who look at evil as individual acts miss how much of a collective effort it is. We don’t. There has been enough judgment as it is.”


God allowed a single question before fading away. In response to being asked, “What do You want us to do?” God advised that we be good and if anyone was unclear what that meant, he or she could talk to Him directly. God advised that communication with Him is difficult, but vital for our spiritual health, at least for some of us.


This reporter must add that it is beyond me fully to describe this event, which has become more dreamlike with every passing hour. It only has been in talking to others that we can confirm for each other that this event did happen as we all remember it, we think.

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David that's better than the Onion! Maybe you should go work for them! :-)







des - you assume I'm good at parody. This was a different sort of performance. I know I was physically nowhere near Iowa yesterday. Spritually it's so much harder to be definite. I regognized some of the ideas that came off my fingers while typng. I have wondered before about the godliness of digging up dead people just to kill them spiritually. Other things were familiar, too, but not everything.


I do believe that it is a big mistake to see evil as individual acts. I'm sure God knows this as well as I do, by 2006 if not in the distant past. Whether good, bad, or something else, every act is a cooperative effort between various beings and circumstances. Labelling them all is so difficult. Consider my fingers. I asked them yesterday if they were God. They said no. I take their word for it. Some would not be so trusting, but it's easy to trust such simple creatures. Sometimes I wish I were more like them.

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I love it when people anthropomorphize body parts. Reminds me of a Robin Williams routine !


It makes one's life ever so much more interesting. Sounds like you had a fleeting case of automatic writing (been there, done that) while your fingers visited Iowa. But then, that's where heaven is.


flow.... :D

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Not automatic writing, flow. I had much more of a veto over what my fingers were doing than that.


A friend of my mother did automatic writing, faster than I can think, without looking at what she was doing. It always struck me as something different than the sort of deliberate deceptions Houdini proved in spiritualists. It's in the same category as speaking in tongues, which I've tried to fake just out of curiosity. I can't keep it up more than seconds. I think there's something beyond nature there.


At the same time, I don't know that my mother's friend ever came up with any wisdom. She certainly never passed on that there was a bunch of money buried at 3rd and Chestnut, anything like that. Whoever and whatever God is, I'm sure that communication with Him and not some reflection of oneself is indeed difficult.

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DD...re: automatic writing


Maybe some of the Government programs (or is that pogroms?) begun in the fifties did come to fruition such as MKULTRA, which was a well-thought out and planned stategy to make mind control possible.


After all the brain is an electrochemical device in its operational aspects, and thereby subject to certain degrees of control, albeit intermittent, if placed in the "right" circumstances and electromagnetic environments. There's got to be a reason why the Amish don't like electricity.


But of course all this work went under the black curtain in the sixties and consequently we never heard much about it except from conspiracy theorists. But that $40 billion a year is being spent in the black on something. Why not an occasional bit of automatic wriing or speaking by individuals who have the ability and position to intervene in order to influence public opinion in one way or another to suit political and strategic objectives? Pretty Satanic, No?


Lots of thing go on in the darkness. Lots of them we don't want to know about. But sometimes it's necesssary to shed some light on them so that we might come to realize just where we are all being led. I made up my mind some time ago that there are too many secrets. Why is that? Maybe we are about to find out some of the reasons.


Yours in deepest, darkest secrecy....


flow.... B)

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