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Christmas Dinner


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Ok, here was the dinner tonight:

Christmas crackers to be super British; tomales (we ARE in NM)-- green and red (no, this has to do with chilis you non-Southwesterners ;-)); turkey; cranberries; and fried artichokes; Christmas cookies and candy.


I'm going off the white powder diet (sugar white flour) tomorrow. ;-)




BTW, for a cute little explanation of the red or green thang go to:


I read that red or green IS now the official state question. It is the only state with an official state question. Get yours next year.

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My daughter is visiting from LA and son and his wife from Chitown. Her parents bought a place north of town to escape Michigan winters and plan to retire here eventually.


I worked Sun am until noon and came home and made clam chowder and warmed up some turkey-organic bean chili I had in the freezer. Also made choc chip cookies and a pumpkin pie. The kids ( they're all in their 30's) showed up about 4:00 pm and we had the soup and some homemade rolls and raspberry preserve along with some cheese stuffed celery and whole-spiced cranberries. Champagne also. Mmmmmmmm good !


Opened presents with the kids and then went over to my parents and did the same there. Daughter and I got to bed about 9:00 pm exhausted while son and his wife went to a casino and proceeded to support the local economy.


Today we met the new in-laws so my mom and dad could meet them for the first time, and we all plus the kids stuffed at a casino buffet. Mmmmmmm good! No supper tonight ! A really nice Christmas for all and I'm taking the weekdays off this week to spend time with my kids, which is a rare occasion for us all.


Peace and love to all.


flow.... :D

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